Prepaid deals from DOCOMO PACIFIC - prepaid mobilePrepaid deals from DOCOMO PACIFIC - prepaid mobile

Mobile Plan - Prepaid

Text 'PLANS' to 8080

TEXT ‘PLANS’ to 8080

From July 5, 2023, text 'PLANS' to 8080 from your DOCOMO PACIFIC Prepaid device to register into a Prepaid Flex plan.
Learn more about plan inclusions below and how to register to a plan

Prepaid Flex 8080

Endless Flex

Includes Endless LTE Data, Local & U.S. Talk & Text

  • 1 Day (Guam)$2.50
  • 1 Day (CNMI)$2.25

Multi-Day Flex Plans

Includes Endless Local Talk & Text + Social Pass

Prepaid Flex Social Pass Icons
  • Flex 3 (Guam)
    • 3 Days
    • 3GB LTE Data
  • Flex 3 (CNMI)
    • 3 Days
    • 3GB LTE Data
  • Flex 7
    • 7 Days
    • 7GB LTE Data
  • Flex 14
    • 14 Days + 1 Bonus Day!
    • 14GB LTE Data

Prepaid Rates

  • Local Incoming & Outgoing Calls$0.20/min
  • Incoming SMSFree
  • Outgoing Local SMS$0.04/SMS
  • Philippine SMS$0.06/SMS
  • USA/International SMS$0.10/SMS
  • Mobile Data$0.10/MB
  • Outgoing Philippine Calls$0.15/min
  • Outgoing US/International calls$0.20/min

Emergency Bundle

Free service when you need it the most

For a limited time only, Emergency Bundle is available to eligible prepaid subscribers when the account's load balance drops to $2 and below. This service is FREE and includes access to 1GB LTE data, 10 local texts and 10 minutes of local calls for a 12-hour period.

How to avail:

  • Dial *110*# and press call for your Prepaid Menu to appear.
  • Select option 3. Add FREE Emergency Bundle.
  • Follow the on-screen menu to complete.

Terms and conditions apply

*We offer different packages to customers in Guam and CNMI to accommodate needs in each region.

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