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Wireless Fair Use Policy

To ensure an optimal network experience for all our customers, DOCOMO PACIFIC has implemented this Wireless Fair Use Policy, which allows us to manage overall network wireless data usage to maintain the highest and best quality of service for all our customers. Upon service activation, all customers with wireless services at DOCOMO PACIFIC agree to adhere to the details listed within this policy. This policy may be modified by DOCOMO PACIFIC at any time.

General – Wireless Data Service for Smartphone Devices

Wireless Data services marketed for Mobile devices are not intended to replace or act as fixed broadband services for ongoing high-speed data transmission in a home or business. Wireless data services for mobile devices are for activities that do not excessively contribute to network congestion. This includes web browsing, email, viewing videos, background data consumption from applications as well as uploading/downloading of applications and content from the internet. In the event data use is likely to exceed the intended use, it is recommended that customers connect to Wi-Fi services from a fixed location.

Unlimited Plans (Mobile)

Data Usage

If you are subscribed to a plan that is advertised as Unlimited data, you agree that “unlimited” means you pay a single monthly flat rate for wireless Data Service regardless of how much data you use. “Unlimited” does not mean that wireless data will be transmitted at any particular speed or that you can use DOCOMO PACIFIC’s wireless Data Service in any way that you choose or for any Prohibited Network Uses. If you use your unlimited data plan in any manner that is prohibited or deemed excessive use, DOCOMO PACIFIC may restrict, suspend or terminate Data Services. Data speeds may be reduced at any time based on excess usage. Reduced data throughput speeds means reduced data speeds may be experienced and increased latency, which may cause websites to load more slowly and affect the performance of data-heavy activities such as video streaming.

Reduced data throughput speeds apply when using Data Services at times and in areas experiencing network congestion compared to other customers using the same cell site. Standard speeds will resume once the cell site is no longer congested or when your data session moves to an uncongested cell site.

There are no mobile network-related speed reductions if you use Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi data usage does not count against a monthly data usage threshold for wireless Data service.

Other Plans (Residential Wireless Services)

Other mobile plans available at DOCOMO PACIFIC included specified data buckets per billing period. In the event data usage exceeds the allotment, data speeds will be reduced until the next billing cycle.

Legacy Residential Plans
Data Bucket Per billing periodMobile Postpaid Access Rate Plan Description
8GBAccess $30
10GBLite Data, Mobile Add-On S2
15GB Access $402, Mobile Add-On M1, Value Data
25GB Access $502
30GB Access $601, Family Party Access Plan1, Mobile Add-On L1, Premium Data
40GB Data Only Add-On S2, Mobile Lite2
50GB Access $801, Mobile Value2, Data Only Add-On M1, Extreme Data, Family Party Access Plan1
60GB Mobile Premium
80GB Mobile Extreme1

1Rate plan and data bucket listed is specific to Guam

2Rate plan and data bucket listed is specific to CNMI

Business Plans
Data Bucket Per billing periodRate Plan Description
Corporate Plans
8GBBusiness Lite
15GBBusiness Starter
30GBBusiness Prime
Unlimited3Business Unlimited Pro
Unlimited3Business Unlimited Max
Government Plans
35GBGovernment Basic Gold
35GBGovernment Gold
35GBGovernment Platinum
35GBRoaming Basic Gold
35GBRoaming Gold
35GBRoaming Platinum
Unlimited3Enterprise Unlimited Pro
Unlimited3Enterprise Unlimited Pro+
Data Only Plans
15GBBusiness Internet Backup
Unlimited3Unlimited Fixed Wireless Internet (FWI)
Unlimited35G WiFi Hub

3 For customers who subscribe to Unlimited data plans (including but not limited to Unlimited Fixed Wireless Internet (FWI), 5G WiFi Hub, Business Unlimited Pro, Business Unlimited Max, Enterprise Unlimited Pro, and Enterprise Unlimited Pro+), speeds may be limited in cases where data usage of our Services is deemed to be negatively impacting our network.

If you are on a DOCOMO PACIFIC Mobile Plan not listed, please contact Customer Care.

Customer Care

Guam: 671-688-CARE
CNMI: 670-488-CARE

Exceeding Usage Limits

If you exceed the applicable data usage limits, your wireless data service will be down throttled (to as low as 256kbps download speed) for the remainder of the current billing period. You will still be able to access web browsing, email and instant messaging. However, high bandwidth consuming applications and high definition videos like Netflix will be affected.


You will receive a text message (SMS) when you reach 90% of your data usage limit so you are aware that you are nearing your limit. You will also receive a SMS when you reach 100% of your data usage limit so you are aware that we have reduced your data speed for the rest of the billing period. The text message will come from ‘3282’. Data only devices are unable to receive text messages. Incoming text messages are always free.

Monitoring Data Usage

To prevent your service from being down throttled, you may text ‘DATA’ to ‘3282’ to verify your current data usage. You will receive a SMS notifying you of your current data consumption for this bill cycle and the used percentage of your total data quota. You can also monitor data usage from the settings directly on your device.

Apple Devices

  • Launch the settings app on your Apple device.
  • Select "Cellular".
  • Under the "Cellular Data Usage" section you will see how much data you have used since the last time you reset your statistics.
  • Scroll to "Reset Statistics".
  • Scroll and select "Reset Statistics".
  • Scroll to top of screen and confirm that the "Cellular Data Usage" section indicates 0 bytes to confirm that the Statistics are reset.

You are now set to monitor your data usage from your Apple device and throughout your billing cycle. You will have to remember to reset your statistics each month at the start of your billing cycle.

Android Devices

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Select "Data Usage".
  • Under the "Data Usage" section you will see how much data you have used since the last time your statistics were reset.
  • Select the dates next to "Data Usage Cycle" so that the start date of your billing cycle matches your monthly plan.
  • Check mark the "Set Mobile Data Limit" box if you want your phone to block you from using mobile data after you have exceeded your data usage limit each billing cycle.
  • Tap the arrows to move up and down to set the limit so that it matches your data plan.

You are now set to monitor your data usage from your Android device and throughout your billing cycle. You will have to remember to reset your statistics each month at the start of your billing cycle.

Additional Data Purchase (Optional)

If the data usage limit is reached you may opt to purchase an additional 1GB, 3GB and/or 5GB of high speed data service for an additional charge (1GB for $3, 3GB for $5, 5GB for $10). This charge will be added to your next monthly invoice. To purchase additional data services, postpaid mobile customers can send "TOPUP" to "3282" and follow the instructions to add data. Data only customers may contact our Customer Care center at (671) 688. CARE (2273) for Guam, or (670) 483.CARE (2273) for CNMI for a representative to add the additional data service.

Restoring your data speeds

At the start of your billing cycle, your data speed will return to normal. However, if your data usage exceeds your limit in any subsequent billing cycle, your wireless data service will again be down throttled for the remainder of that billing cycle.

Updated September 27, 2023