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Privacy Policy

DOCOMO PACIFIC Cares About Protecting Your Privacy

DOCOMO PACIFIC is committed to protecting our customers' privacy. This privacy policy is designed to inform you about the information we collect, how we use it, and your options about certain uses of information.

DOCOMO PACIFIC’s privacy policy applies to DOCOMO PACIFIC customers, as well as to visitors to our website.

Whole Home WiFi

DOCOMO PACIFIC's Whole Home WiFi Plume® Service is provided in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions for Residential Internet Customers ("General Terms"), available at, and include the following special terms ("Special Terms").

About Plume

DOCOMO PACIFIC has partnered with Plume Design, Inc. to offer you this Plume Service. You can find out more about Plume Design, Inc., ("Plume") its products and its business at DOCOMO PACIFIC as an authorized reseller of Pods and the Plume Adaptive WiFi Solution. By agreeing to receive the Plume Service and/or by purchasing and using Pods from us, you acknowledge and agree:

  • to accept Plume's standard partner terms (available on the Plume WiFi App when you first set up your Plume profile);
  • that Plume is and will be the exclusive owner of all intellectual proprietary rights, title, and interest in the Pods, the Plume WiFi App, and Adaptive WiFi Solution;
  • that Plume may anonymize and/or de-identify any personal information you provide to Plume (e.g. via the Plume WiFi App) and that Plume may use such anonymized and/or de-identified information for long term trend analysis to continually improve optimization algorithms and to provide services to its customers (including other resellers of Pods and the Plume Adaptive WiFi Solution).

Information We Collect and How We Use It

DOCOMO PACIFIC collects and uses information about our customers and website visitors when you interact with us, when you use our products and services, and when you visit us online.

This information is used to deliver, provide, and repair products or services; establish and maintain customer accounts and billing records; contact you about our products and services and direct offers or promotions to you; monitor website statistics; and manage and protect our networks. Information may also be aggregated or anonymized for business and marketing uses by us or by third parties.

We may also obtain consumer information (such as demographic and interest data) from outside companies who provide such data. We use this data and combine it with other information we have to help us predict customer preferences and customize marketing offers.

Information We Share


Except in circumstances explained in our Privacy Policy, in privacy policies for specific services, or in agreements with our customers, DOCOMO PACIFIC does not sell, license or share information that individually identifies our customers with others outside of DOCOMO PACIFIC for non-DOCOMO PACIFIC purposes without your consent. We may share information with our vendors and partners for business purposes and when necessary for them to perform work on our behalf. DOCOMO PACIFIC may also share certain non-personal identifiable information with outside companies to assist with the delivery of advertising campaigns or preparing and sharing aggregate business and marketing reports.

How to Limit the Sharing and Use of Your Information

  • CPNI: DOCOMO PACIFIC has a duty, under federal law, to protect the confidentiality of certain types of services, including: (1) information about the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of your use of your services, and (2) information contained on your telephone bill concerning your services you receive. That information, when matched to your name, address, and telephone number is known as "Customer Proprietary Network Information," or "CPNI" for short.

    Examples of CPNI include information typically available from telephone-related details on your monthly bill, technical information, type of service, current telephone charges, long distance and local service billing records, directory assistance charges, usage data and calling patterns.

    CPNI does not include things like customer name, address, or telephone number; aggregate information or data that is not specific to a single customer; customer premises equipment; and Internet access services.

    Without your approval, DOCOMO PACIFIC may not use this CPNI to market products and services to you other than for services you currently purchase.

  • Direct Marketing: You may request to be removed from the DOCOMO PACIFIC direct marketing lists at any time. Direct Marketing includes SMS blasts or telemarketing phone calls.
  • Information Used for Online Advertising: You have choices about whether certain information collected on websites, including DOCOMO PACIFIC’s, is used to customize advertising based on predictions generated from your visits over time and across different websites.
  • Wireless Location Services: Wireless services that use mobile device location data provide you with notice about the collection and use of this data as well as choices about whether specific location-tracking features available on your phone are turned on.
  • Parental Controls: Content controls are available for parents of DOCOMO PACIFIC’s Internet and Entertainment services.

You may opt-out of marketing activity conducted by DOCOMO PACIFIC by contacting Customer Care at 671-688-CARE(2273) or visiting any of the DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations.

Information Security

DOCOMO PACIFIC has technical, administrative and physical safeguards in place to help protect against unauthorized access to, use or disclosure of customer information we maintain. DOCOMO PACIFIC also submits to periodic audits by local and federal auditors to ensure robust protection of customer data and integrity of its data networks.

Contact Information

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions related to our Privacy Policy or our privacy practices, you may contact us at:

Attention: Chief Legal Officer
219 S. Marine Corps Drive, Ste. 206

Accessing and Updating Your Information

You may correct inaccuracies in your information by calling Customer Care at 671-688-CARE(2273), visiting any of our retail locations, or by accessing your My DOCOMO PACIFIC online account and updating your information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

If DOCOMO PACIFIC elects to use or disclose information that identifies you as an individual in a manner that is materially different from that stated in our policy at the time we collected that information from you, we will give you a choice regarding such use or disclosure by appropriate means, which may include use of an opt-out mechanism.