Get a great deal from DOCOMO PACIFIC with our LINK Bundles.Get a great deal from DOCOMO PACIFIC with our LINK Bundles.

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Build your own bundle and save when you subscribe to one of the fastest and most reliable Internet Plans in the Marianas plus at least one other service. Our LINK Bundles make it simple for you to choose just the services you want. Use the Product Selector below to add what you need and see how much you can save. Choose as many services as you need – all at a great price when you select more than one service to complete your bundle.

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Home Phone discounts applicable to Trio and Quad bundles only.
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Service rates & features listed apply to Postpaid, local only services. Your monthly bill of service may have Federal Communications Commission Charge (FCC), Universal Service Fund (USF) Fees, Local Number Portability (LNP) and E911 charges added as a separate line item. FCC applies to Basic TV Service. USF Fees apply to local voice, local SMS and toll charges. Installation Fees may apply to TV, Online & Phone services. Activation fee & Security Deposit required for Mobile services. Mobile-US LD Fair Use Policy applies to FREE US LD Calls feature. Mobile Data speeds reduced once monthly data threshold is reached. Data Services do not include third party downloads. DOCOMO PACIFIC reserves the right to change download capacities or impose download caps as needed to ensure the highest quality of services for all customers. Online services are subject to "Acceptable Use Policy". Advertised speeds are "up to" speeds. WiFi Logins per Online speed are as follows: Online 20.0 = 2 Logins; Online 50.0 = 3 Logins; Online 75.0 = 4 Logins; Online 100.0 = 5 Logins. WiFi data cap by Online speed are as follows: Online 20.0 = 15GB/month; Online 50.0 = 20GB/month; Online 75.0 = 25GB/month; Online 100.0 = 30GB/month. Additional WiFi Logins available for $2.99/per login/per month. A maximum of 5 WiFi Logins apply to all Online subscriptions. Home Phone is available with 911 services, however in the event of a power outage; both your phone service and 911 services will be unavailable. Digital TV and HD Plus not available with Basic Value Bundles. Rates are subject to change. Offer valid for residential customers. Some conditions apply.