Entertainment - All the best shows, sports and moviesEntertainment - All the best shows, sports and movies


All the best shows, sports and movies

We've got you and your family covered. From kids programming to sports, local & world news, popular TV series, access to Pay-Per-View and VU-IT!-ON-Demand services, plus so much more.

Other TV Services

TiVo Service

The TiVo experience is a whole home solution that instantly gives you total control of the TV programming you love, and much more! With 6 tuners and 150+ hours of HD recording capacity (enough for 300 episodes of "Modern Family"), you can say good-bye to recording conflicts! Enjoy your favorite TV shows plus access to Over-the-Top content such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and more, all from ONE entertainment system.

Premium Channels

See all Premium Channels available from DOCOMO PACIFIC, including Home Box Office (HBO), Cinemax, The Movie Channel and many many more.

Program Guide

See what's on TV up to one week in advance with DOCOMO PACIFIC's Program Guide.

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