Whole Home WiFiWhole Home WiFi

Whole Home WiFi

DOCOMO PACIFIC brings you Plume membership a smart home super bundle featuring

Adapt™ - Consistent speed and coverage with WiFi that proactively adjusts to you

Control® - Intuitive tools for managing users, devices and internet access

Guard - Best-in class security powered by AI

Sense - Whole-home motion awareness for peace of mind

All available at the touch of a button through the highly-rated HomePass App.

Say hello to great services that transform your smart home experience – all delivered from the cloud and enabled by Plume's beautiful SuperPod WiFi.


Never a dull moment
Adaptive and proactive, WiFi, only available from Home Pass

Buffering is a bad dream of the past! HomePass's Adapt service deliverers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Unlike mesh Wifi setups that only work in a static manner, our system continuously learns and preforms self-optimizations to keep things runny smoothly. HomePass automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, ensuring you beloved devices are given capacity to run at full potential.


Access today, gone tomorrow

People come and go from your home, and so should their WiFi access. With HomePass's control features, you can create guest passwords with expiration dates for extra security. It's up to you which devices they can access, from the smart tv to the printer – or internet only No judgement, we know that ink is expensive.


Real-time security is important

That's why HomePass provides Guard, always-on digital and data security for every device on our network. It filters out suspicious activity and even automatically quarantines devices that are behaving strangely. The system also includes built-in ad blocking for overall smoother surfing.


Existing smart devices become motion detectors

HomePass includes Sense, an unobtrusive way to gain whole-home awareness. The mobile app shows you movement in the vicinity of each connected device or room on your network. Set up alerts to let you know if there's movement when you're out. Don't worry, it can ignore the movement of pets to avoid false alarms. No need it turn it off, the system automatically registers you've arrived when your primary device is home, going above and beyond most common smart hubs.


Plume's beautifully designed SuperPods plug into existing power outlets throughout your home and are always up to date.

SuperPods & Plume Cloud, a match made in heaven.

Using cloud-based technology powered by AI, HomePass works seamlessly with any modem. The SuperPods are flexible enough to work alongside your current Wifi route or gateway. Also, enjoy automatic cloud deployed updates to your system: just another benefit of belonging

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