How to Sign Up for Prepaid FLEX PlansHow to Sign Up for Prepaid FLEX Plans

How to Sign Up for Prepaid FLEX Plans

Text 'PLANS' to 8080 to learn more about Prepaid Flex plans.

To activate a Prepaid FLEX Plan

  1. Text the keyword for the plan of your choice to short code 8080. For example:
    Prepaid Flex PlanNew Keyword (to 8080)Previous Keywords (to 3282)
    Endless Flex (1 day)FLEX1HS1
    Multi-Day Plan (3 days)FLEX3HS3
    Multi-Day Plan (7 days)FLEX7HS7
    Multi-Day Plan (14 days)FLEX14HS14
  2. You will receive the following confirmation (example):

    Get ready to experience the fastest and widest network in the Marianas. You've selected [SELECTED PLAN] to keep you covered until YYYY-DD-MM HH:MM:SS. Remaining load balance: $XX.XX

Other helpful keywords to text to 8080

CHECKTo check load balance and Prepaid Flex Plan Usage
STOPFLEXTo stop auto-renewal of Prepaid Flex plan.

Data top-up is unavailable until further notice. Subscribe to ENDLESS FLEX for endless local talk, text and data. Send 'FLEX1' to 8080 from your Prepaid device to register.

Some conditions apply. A 4G LTE capable device is required to experience 4G LTE high-speed data service. $1.00 for E911 surcharge will be deducted monthly from your prepaid balance. Universal Service Fund (USF) fees and other charges will apply and are subject to change. Expanded home coverage included in local rates. A minimum balance of $1.01 for E911 charge must remain in account at all times in order to utilize Prepaid service.