Easy Installment Plan

Own your moment NOW! Get the latest device for less than $50 a month!

What is Easy Installment Plan?

Easy Installment Plan enables customers to get the latest device for less than $50 a month. Rather than paying the upfront cost for a device, customers have the option to pay the retail price over a 24-month term, for more affordability.


  • Get the latest device for less than $50/month
  • 0% Financing
  • Device Retail cost paid within 24 months
  • No penalty for advance EIP payments
  • No Security Deposit Required
  • Activation Fee Waived
  • Save up to $480 on qualified rate plans

Minimum Requirements

  • Guam Resident
  • 18-years of age or older
  • Minimum Credit Score of 580
    • 580 – 679 requires 2 recent check stubs or verification of employment, and must meet a minimum gross monthly income of $1,320
    • 680 or higher does not require any check stub or verification of employment
  • No current adverse credit with PFC (current past due or collection item)
  • Military personnel only: Must end 6 months prior to rotation date

*Easy Installment Plan applicable to Guam Mobile Postpaid Subscribers only.