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Use your local number to stay connected with DOCOMO PACIFIC’s roaming rates.

Data To Go

Stay connected with your local data plan when you travel. Currently available in 13 countries for $10/ a day

Terms and Conditions for Data To Go have changed. Learn more

What is Data To Go?

With Data To Go you can access your local data bucket while traveling abroad in select countries for a low daily fee. You can use your local data plan while abroad to email, post on social media, find your way in unfamiliar places, convert currency, translate languages and more.

Data To Go is available when travelling in:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • China

  • Hong Kong

  • Japan

  • New Zealand

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

Standard pay as you go rates are available when travelling in other countries.

How it works

Instead of being charged per MB of data you'll be charged only $10 per day, per device, when Data To Go is activated for use in any of the select countries.

Enable data roaming for your mobile line prior to traveling by calling DOCOMO PACIFIC or visiting a store location. Charges won't be incurred until you use data services while abroad. The $10 fee charged for Data-To-Go is billed each day (12:00AM-11:59PM ChST) once usage commences abroad.

Get Started

To use cellular data, turn on Cellular Data Roaming in your device’s settings menu. Ensure Data Roaming is enabled.

iOS Devices

  • Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming > Select ON

Android Devices

  • Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Data Roaming > Select ON

Once successfully connected, you will receive the following SMS prompt:

DOCOMO PACIFIC Roaming Service: Your roaming services have been enabled. Charges for Voice, SMS & Data may apply. For further info please call +16716882273

If you are in a Data To Go country, you will also receive the following:

You’re in one of our DATA TO GO destinations where you can use your local data while you travel for only 10USD a day. For further info please call +16716882273.

How to help manage costs & data use
  • Charges are incurred per day (12:00AM-11:59PM ChST). If you are approaching a new day and no longer want data access, turn off data roaming to avoid being charged an additional $10 per day.

  • Save data by connecting to Wi-Fi, especially if you download, or send and receive large files.

  • View usage and manage your local data bucket with MyData+ Web App at

Manage your apps

Some apps consume more data than others. Knowing this in advance of your travels can help you avoid unexpected charges. Consider monitoring usage of:

  • Apps that use location like navigation, news, and weather

  • Social Media

  • Video Chatting

  • Games with heavy graphics that require an internet connection

  • Disable any apps running in the background that you're not using

Avoid streaming
  • Streaming content is extremely data intensive

Disable smartphone features
Use Wi-Fi connections when available
  • Wi-Fi usage does not count toward your data allowance

Data usage with iMessage
  • iMessage (and other calling messaging apps) are treated as data rather than as a text message

Voice and SMS while Roaming

Use your local number to stay connected while traveling abroad. Note that when using Data To Go, standard international charges will apply when using voice and SMS. This also includes when accessing voicemail. Incoming SMS is free.

Ways to avoid additional charges while roaming:

  • Divert calls to another local number while travelling. This could be a landline or a phone number of a trusted family member or friend.

  • Disable voicemail until you return.