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Trade-In Program

Turn the phone you have into the one you want!

Trade-in Now

Trade-In Now

Get your hands on the latest phones for even less when you trade in your old one. We accept over 100 types of phones (working and broken). Bring your device to any DOCOMO PACIFIC retail store for an assessment and receive up to $500 credit (maybe even more!) towards your next handset on the NOW program.

Why trade in?

  • Decrease upfront or installment payments

    Decrease upfront or installment payments

  • Reduce e-waste

    Reduce e-waste

  • Eliminate household clutter

    Eliminate household clutter

How much is your phone worth?

Find out the estimated value of your phone below. You can also bring it to any of our retail stores for a quick assessment to receive an estimated trade-in quote. Please note, quotes are subject to change until the final device assessment before trade-in.

Use the following questions to help self-evaluate the trade-in classification of phone.

  • 1. Is the charge port working?

  • 2. Is the device’s software functioning normally?

  • 3. Is the body free of bends or dents larger than one (1) cm?

  • 4. Is the screen free of discoloration, blemishes and white spots?

  • 5. Do the speakers and microphone work?

  • 6. Do both cameras work and their lenses free from cracks?

  • 7. Do all of the buttons work correctly?

  • 8. Are the front and rear glass free of cracks?

If you answered YES to all the above, your phone may be classified WORKING.

Answered NO to any question? Your phone may be classified as BROKEN.

Whether your phone is working or broken, DOCOMO PACIFIC will most likely accept your eligible device.

Terms and conditions apply.

Eligible Phones

DOCOMO PACIFIC only accepts factory unlocked phones for trade-in.

AppleiPhone 12 Pro MaxUnlocked512GB$575$100
AppleiPhone 12 Pro MaxUnlocked256GB$550$100
AppleiPhone 12 Pro MaxUnlocked128GB$525$100
AppleiPhone 12 ProUnlocked512GB$500$80
AppleiPhone 12 ProUnlocked256GB$475$80
AppleiPhone 12 ProUnlocked128GB$450$80
AppleiPhone 12Unlocked256GB$300$70
AppleiPhone 12Unlocked128GB$275$70
AppleiPhone 12Unlocked64GB$250$70
AppleiPhone 12 miniUnlocked256GB$160$50
AppleiPhone 12 miniUnlocked128GB$150$50
AppleiPhone 12 miniUnlocked64GB$140$50
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxUnlocked512GB$325$75
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxUnlocked256GB$300$75
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxUnlocked64GB$275$75
AppleiPhone 11 ProUnlocked512GB$300$60
AppleiPhone 11 ProUnlocked256GB$285$60
AppleiPhone 11 ProUnlocked64GB$275$60
AppleiPhone 11Unlocked256GB$175$50
AppleiPhone 11Unlocked128GB$160$50
AppleiPhone 11Unlocked64GB$150$50
AppleiPhone XS MaxUnlocked512GB$220$65
AppleiPhone XS MaxUnlocked256GB$205$65
AppleiPhone XS MaxUnlocked64GB$190$65
AppleiPhone XSUnlocked512GB$140$40
AppleiPhone XSUnlocked256GB$130$40
AppleiPhone XSUnlocked64GB$120$40
AppleiPhone XRUnlocked256GB$120$30
AppleiPhone XRUnlocked128GB$110$30
AppleiPhone XRUnlocked64GB$100$30
AppleiPhone XUnlocked256GB$110$30
AppleiPhone XUnlocked64GB$100$30
AppleiPhone 8 PlusUnlocked256GB$110$40
AppleiPhone 8 PlusUnlocked128GB$100$40
AppleiPhone 8 PlusUnlocked64GB$95$40
AppleiPhone 8Unlocked256GB$60$20
AppleiPhone 8Unlocked128GB$55$20
AppleiPhone 8Unlocked64GB$50$20
AppleiPhone SE 2Unlocked256GB$80$20
AppleiPhone SE 2Unlocked128GB$70$20
AppleiPhone SE 2Unlocked64GB$60$20
AppleiPhone SEUnlocked128GB$25$1
AppleiPhone SEUnlocked64GB$20$1
AppleiPhone SEUnlocked32GB$15$1
AppleiPhone SEUnlocked16GB$10$1
AppleiPhone 7 PlusUnlocked256GB$80$15
AppleiPhone 7 PlusUnlocked128GB$75$15
AppleiPhone 7 PlusUnlocked32GB$70$15
AppleiPhone 7Unlocked256GB$40$5
AppleiPhone 7Unlocked128GB$35$5
AppleiPhone 7Unlocked32GB$30$5
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5GUnlocked512GB$350$45
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5GUnlocked256GB$340$45
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5GUnlocked$320$45
SamsungGalaxy S21+Unlocked256GB$300$40
SamsungGalaxy S21+Unlocked$275$40
SamsungGalaxy S21Unlocked256GB$225$40
SamsungGalaxy S21Unlocked$200$40
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5GUnlocked512GB$245$30
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5GUnlocked256GB$235$30
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5GUnlocked$225$30
SamsungGalaxy S20+ 5GUnlocked$145$20
SamsungGalaxy S20Unlocked$125$15
SamsungGalaxy S10+Unlocked1TB$145$12.5
SamsungGalaxy S10+Unlocked512GB$135$12.5
SamsungGalaxy S10Unlocked512GB$95$10
SamsungGalaxy S10Unlocked$80$10
SamsungGalaxy S10EUnlocked256GB$70$5
SamsungGalaxy S10EUnlocked$60$5
SamsungGalaxy S9+Unlocked256GB$60$7.5
SamsungGalaxy S9+Unlocked128GB$55$7.5
SamsungGalaxy S9Unlocked256GB$40$5
SamsungGalaxy S9Unlocked128GB$35$5
SamsungGalaxy S8+Unlocked128GB$50$5
SamsungGalaxy S8Unlocked$20$3
SamsungGalaxy S7 edgeUnlocked128GB$20$2
SamsungGalaxy S7 edgeUnlocked64GB$15$2
SamsungGalaxy S7Unlocked64GB$12.5$2
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GUnlocked512GB$350$25
SamsungGalaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GUnlocked256GB$325$25
SamsungGalaxy Note 20Unlocked$150$20
SamsungGalaxy Note 10+Unlocked512GB$150$10
SamsungGalaxy Note 10+Unlocked$135$10
SamsungGalaxy Note 10Unlocked$115$10
SamsungGalaxy Note 10+Unlocked512GB$150$10
SamsungGalaxy Note 9Unlocked512GB$90$10
SamsungGalaxy Note 9Unlocked$80$10
GooglePixel 5AUnlocked$200$45
GooglePixel 5Unlocked$200$45
GooglePixel 4AUnlocked$100$15
GooglePixel 4 XLUnlocked$90$13
GooglePixel 4Unlocked$70$10

Trade in value and eligible devices are subject to change without notice.

Contact us or visit any of our retail store locations for more information about the trade-in program.

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You can trade in your phone at any of our retail stores. One of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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Terms and Conditions

NOW Trade-In Program: Limited time offer; terms subject to change without notice. Applicable to customers located in Guam and CNMI. All devices presented for trade-in will be assessed by a Docomo Pacific Retail associate using an online trade-in assessment tool. Customer will be informed of the basic valuation criteria prior to handing the device over for inspection and assessment. The associate may perform a series of simple tests on the device in front of the customer. The customer will be asked a series of questions to help determine the working status of the device and is expected to answer honestly to the best of their knowledge. Only unlocked devices as specified by DOCOMO PACIFIC will be eligible for trade-in. This list is subject to change at any time. Accepted trade-in devices qualify for credit. Credit applied to existing NOW Program Equipment Installment Plan(s) (EIP) balance(s). All trade-ins are final. Once you trade in your device you cannot get it back. Limit of one (1) device per active line after twelve (12) timely payments and the remaining balance can be paid-off. Unless otherwise specified, trade-in is only eligible to customers joining or renewing services that include the NOW program with a minimum Access plan as specified by their region of residency. All subscribers will be subject to standard credit checks and criteria of their selected plan options and the NOW Program.

  1. Password/Locking Features: You must reset your device to factory settings and remove any passwords or locking features before trading it in; refer to your phone instructions manual or contact your device’s Customer Support to disable those features. If you fail to do so, the device will not be eligible for trade-in. Docomo Pacific is not liable for any customer personal content found on any device once traded in.

  2. Trade-in acceptance: Docomo Pacific will accept device battery chargers and accessories, but this will not affect the value of the device trade-in.

  3. Customers are responsible for cancelling any network service linked to each mobile device. DOCOMO PACIFIC is not responsible for any usage charges arising before, or after receipt of your mobile device, or arising from any other circumstances. Please ensure you remove your SIM card before submitting your mobile device.

  4. DOCOMO PACIFIC accepts no liability in the event that a SIM card is included with a mobile device that incurs charges. Any SIM cards received with your mobile device will not be returned and will be destroyed.

  5. Customer agrees to release DOCOMO PACIFIC from any and all claims, losses or damages with respect to any data stored or contained in the mobile device or on any media used in conjunction with the mobile device, including apps, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data. DOCOMO PACIFIC accepts neither responsibility nor liability for and in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of such data and it is your responsibility to ensure that such data is removed from the mobile device prior to you handing it over.

  6. Customer is solely responsible for any personal data left on a device. If any personal information/personal data is contained in the mobile device which has not been deleted when DOCOMO PACIFIC receives it, it will be deleted and DOCOMO PACIFIC shall not be held responsible or liable for such deletion. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply. Please visit for more details.

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