Postpaid Plans & Services


The newest device is yours, NOW and every year

What is NOW?

The NOW program enables well-qualified customers the choice to purchase a smartphone for $0 down, dividing the retail price of the handset into low monthly installment payments and allows customers an option to upgrade to a new handset every year.

Depending on your number of lines, credit, and tenure, an advance payment may be required.

Upgrade your handset every year with an eligible trade in or pay off remaining balance of current device after 12 successful installment payments.

You can avail of our new ACCESS wireless plans exclusive to NOW that provides you with endless data for the most popular apps.


  • Add More! Save More!
  • Data allowance for each line
  • Endless data on favorite apps - without ever affecting monthly buckets
  • Get the latest devices for as low as $0 upfront cost
  • 0% Financing
  • No Security Deposit
  • Flexible monthly installment payment options
  • Upgrade every year

Minimum Requirements

  • Guam or CNMI Residential Subscribers Only
  • 18-years of age or older
  • Credit verification required
  • Existing subscribers must meet minimum upgrade requirements
  • Advanced Payments toward smartphone may be required based on credit score
  • Must be subscribed to wireless ACCESS Plan

$60 Access Plan

$80 Access Plan

Family Party Access Plan

Family All Access Plan

Available to Guam & CNMI Consumer subscribers only. Activation Fees may be required. Service ACCESS Plan is required. $0 Down/Advance Installment Payments are based on well-qualified credit. The ability to upgrade every year based on 12-month successful device installment payments & eligible trade-in. If services are cancelled, remaining total balance of the device will be billed to the account. Applications within ACCESS Passes are subject to change. Data usage outside of included apps and websites will be charged to inclusive data allowance. Standard long distance, roaming, application subscriptions and other charges will be billed separately and will apply. ACCESS plans require a subscription to NOW Program Installment Plan. Data only Plan of 20GB for $30 per month is exclusive to Family Access Plans and cannot be combined with other rate plans. Wireless Fair Use Policy applies. Some conditions apply.

MyData Plans

Lite Data $19.50/mo
Value Data $29.50/mo
Premium Data $49.50/mo
Extreme Data $69.50/mo

*SIM Plans Available

High Speed Data Top-Up Options

Stay connected with High-Speed Mobile Data.


Mobile Postpaid Plans:

  • Check your data usage with myDATA+ by visiting or by texting "data" to 3282 from your DOCOMO PACIFIC mobile postpaid device.
  • Upon reaching 80%, 90%, and 100% of your monthly data bucket, you will receive an SMS notification
  • To maintain high-speed data, choose from multiple data top- up options.
  • Data speeds reduced for the remainder of the bill cycle, and reset when the next bill cycle begins
  • Data Top-Ups aren't available for ACCESS plans

Data Only Plans:

  • Unable to receive notifications at this time
  • Check your data usage or top up by contacting customer Care or visit a retail location.

Other Mobile Services

5,000 minutes US Long Distance Calling $10/mo
USA & International SMS $0.10/SMS
Philippine SMS $0.06/SMS
411 Directory Assistance (up to 3 numbers per call) $1/call

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**Service rates and features listed apply to Residential local services only. Installation Fee, Activation Fees and Security Deposits may be required. Your monthly bill of service may have Federal Communications Commission Charge (FCC), Universal Service Fund (USF) Fees, Local Number Portability (LNP) and/or E-911 fees added as separate line items. E-911 fees are charges required by local law to finance Enhanced 911 services. A $1.00 fee for E-911 will be charged per unit, in addition to your monthly rate for Voice, SMS and/or Data service. USF is a mandatory fee which is used to promote increased access to telecommunications services in the US. USF rates are set by the FCC and may change quarterly. USF Is applicable to Local Voice, Local SMS and Toll Charges. Mobile data speeds reduced once monthly data threshold is reached. Roam easy rates will apply based on usage and destination. Roam Easy rates do not apply to Data Only plans. Service coverage may vary depending on geographical location and other factors. Please see Terms & Conditions and Mobile Fair Use policies available at for more details. Some conditions apply