Data Share

Share a lot or a little! Take control of your data and share it across multiple devices.
With myDATA+, you can view, manage and truly share your mobile data.

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What is myDATA+?

myDATA+ from DOCOMO PACIFIC helps you view, manage, and share your data across multiple devices. SMS alerts will inform you before you run out of your monthly data quota and gives you the option to purchase more high-speed data when you need it.

Key features of myDATA+:

  • Mobile data tracking: monitor your monthly data usage
  • Alarms: gives you alerts via SMS when you are close to your monthly mobile data quota
  • Purchase more data: gives you a wide variety of options to purchase more high-speed data

myDATA+ available for Mobile Postpaid subscribers with Data.

MyShare subscribers (Shared Plan)

  • Anchor line has total control of data sharing, viewing and managing data amongst preferred shared lines
  • Anchor line has the control and the ability to purchase additional high-speed data
  • Shared line has the ability to view their data usage

MyPlan subscribers (Single Mobile Plan)

  • View, manage and purchase additional high-speed data