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How to Manage Mobile Data

If you feel like you're using your data too quickly, or spending too much on your phone bill, DOCOMO PACIFIC is here to help. Thanks to our super fast network, you'll find that download speeds have increased, which means many of our customers are naturally enjoying more digital services, like videos and music. To save you money, here are some tips:

  1. Set YouTube to play HD only when you're connected on WiFi. Go to Menu in YouTube, then settings, then toggle on Play HD on WiFi only.

  2. Set movie apps to play only on WiFi.

  3. Disable WiFi assist on your phone (this setting switches your phone to using data when WiFi is weak).

  4. Set Facebook to never auto play videos. In Settings, go to Account Settings, then Videos and Photos and hit Never Autoplay Videos.

  5. Set Instagram to Use Less Data. In your Profile, go to Settings and toggle on Use Less Data.