Access the internet at designated WiFi areas throughout the island for free.

Now, you can access DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi with 3 different options to check your emails, search the web, or catch up on your social media pages at your convenience with a speed of up to 3.0 Mbps download.

  • DOCOMO PACIFIC Guam Online Customer
  • Credit Card
  • Prepaid Card/Voucher
  • DOCOMO PACIFIC Online customers can enjoy free WiFi service at designated areas throughout the island.
  • Credit Card purchase is available in: 1 day - $8, 3 days - $18, 5 days - $25
  • Prepaid Card which is available for purchase at any DOCOMO PACIFIC retail location

Designated WiFi Areas

Designated DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi areas are available at many of Guam's popular locations.

Our team is continuously working to grow our WiFi areas so you will be able to access WiFi throughout the island.

Look out for this sticker so you know when you are in a DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi area.

Be sure to follow DOCOMO PACIFIC's Facebook and Instagram accounts where we will be announcing all our new WiFi areas and all the latest news about our products and services.


"Logins" are the number of devices that you can simultaneously access the WiFi network on. The number of free Logins you are issued is determined by the Online speed that you are subscribed to:

Online Speed Free Logins
20.0 Mbps 2
50.0 Mbps 3
75.0 Mbps 4
100.0 Mbps 5

Additional Logins may be purchased. Each Online account is allowed a maximum of five (5) total Logins.


An easy to use easy to use portal (website) is available for you to manage your Login devices whenever you want or to purchase our DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi.


For DOCOMO PACIFIC Online Customer to start accessing DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi, you must first create your WiFi account at the WiFi portal. Each Online account is issued one WiFi account.

WiFi Usage Data Caps

Your WiFi data usage cap is separate from your Online data usage cap or your Mobile data usage cap. Your WiFi data usage cap is determined by the Online service you are subscribed to:

Online Speed WiFi Data Cap
20.0 Mbps 15 GB
50.0 Mbps 20 GB
75.0 Mbps 25 GB
100.0 Mbps 30 GB

Your data usage will be renewed every month. When you reach your data usage cap, your access to the WiFi network will be disabled until the following month.