Trade-In Program

How It Works

Get any new phone with a discount when you bring in your phone to any DOCOMO PACIFIC Retail Store! One of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you with your trade-in.

Eligible Phone Listing

No. Model Trade-In Value
1Apple iPhone SE 16GB$125
2Apple iPhone SE 64GB$150
3Apple iPhone 6 16GB$100
4Apple iPhone 6 32GB$100
5Apple iPhone 6 64GB$125
6Apple iPhone 6 128GB$125
7Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB$125
8Apple iPhone 6 Plus 32GB$125
9Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB$150
10Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128GB$150
11Apple iPhone 6s 16GB$175
12Apple iPhone 6s 64GB$200
13Apple iPhone 6s 128GB$200
14Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB$225
15Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB$250
16Apple iPhone 6s Plus 128GB$250
17Apple iPhone 7 32GB$300
18Apple iPhone 7 128GB$350
19Apple iPhone 7 256GB$350
20Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB$350
21Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB$400
22Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB$400
23Samsung Galaxy S5$50
24Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB$100
25Samsung Galaxy S6 64GB$125
26Samsung Galaxy S6 128GB$125
27Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB$125
28Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB$125
29Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 32GB$150
30Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 64GB$150
31Samsung Galaxy Note 4$75
32Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB$200
33Samsung Galaxy Note 5 64GB$200
34Samsung Galaxy S7$250
35Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge$250
36Samsung Galaxy S8$400
37Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus$450
38Samsung Galaxy Note 8$475
39Google Pixel$250
40Google Pixel XL$300
41Apple iPhone 8 64GB$400
42Apple iPhone 8 256GB$450
43Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB$425
44Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB$475

*Trade-In value is subject to change.
**Eligible phone is subject to change.

Trade-In Device Requirements

  1. Phone must be able to power on and off.
  2. Phone must be able to access IMEI from settings or from dialer *#06#.
  3. Display screen is functional and not cracked.
  4. Must not have any damage, missing buttons, and/or cracked casing.
  5. Phone must be unlocked and have no security password lock
  6. For iPhones: iCloud/Find My iPhone must be disabled.
  7. Phone must be in the original housing. Phone cannot have customized casing. Stickers and other decorations must be removed.

*All requirements MUST be met in order to trade in the phone. DOCOMO PACIFIC reserves the rights to refuse acceptance of any phone.

What Is Not Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I trade-in my phone?

  • Can I trade-in multiple phone(s) to apply the discount towards a single purchase?

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  • Can I get cash for trading in my phone?

  • Can I trade in a phone from another carrier?

  • Do I need to bring in the phone's charger and other accessories?

  • Can I return or exchange my new phone after trade-in?

  • Can I get the original phone I traded-in back later?

  • Will there be a fee if I cancel my services after trade-in?

  • Is there a Security Deposit or Activation Fee to trade-in?

Terms and Conditions

DOCOMO PACIFIC will accept device battery chargers and accessories; however, these do not increase the value of your trade-in. Customers are responsible for cancelling any network service linked to each mobile device. DOCOMO PACIFIC is not responsible for any usage charges arising before, or after DOCOMO PACIFIC's receipt of your mobile device, or arising from any other circumstances whatsoever. Please ensure you remove your SIM card before submitting your mobile device. DOCOMO PACIFIC accepts no liability in the event that a SIM card is included with a mobile device and charges are then incurred. You will continue to be responsible for such charges. Any SIM cards received by DOCOMO PACIFIC with your mobile device will not be returned and DOCOMO PACIFIC will destroy them. You agree to release DOCOMO PACIFIC from all and any claims, losses or damages with respect to any data stored or contained in the mobile device or on any media used in conjunction with the mobile device (whether in the form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data). DOCOMO PACIFIC accepts neither responsibility nor liability for and in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of such data and it is your responsibility to ensure that such data is removed from the mobile device prior to you handing it over to DOCOMO PACIFIC. If any personal information/personal data is contained in the mobile device which has not been deleted when DOCOMO PACIFIC receives it, DOCOMO PACIFIC will delete any such personal information/personal data and DOCOMO PACIFIC shall not be held responsible or liable for such deletion. All trade-ins are final. Customers are subject to signing a Customer Trade-In Agreement. Additional Terms and Conditions may apply.