Prepaid Plans & Services

Prepaid 4G LTE Rates

Faster Data speeds, unlimited local calls & SMS!

  Price Local Voice & SMS Data Key Word
1 Day
$2.95 Unlimited 250MB HS1
3 Day
$8.50 Unlimited 750MB HS3
7 Day
$18.95 Unlimited 1.5GB HS7
14 Day
$35.95 Unlimited 3GB HS14

UNLI! Prepaid Rates

1 Day
3 Days
5 Days
Unli Voice, Sms & Data $2.95 $8.00 $13.00
Unli Voice & Sms $1.95 $5.50 $9.00
Unli Data $1.95 $5.50 $9.00
Unli Sms $0.50 $1.50 $2.50

Prepaid Pay-As-You-Go!

Voice $0.20 per minute on all Local Incoming & Outgoing Calls
SMS $0.04 - Local SMS
$0.06 - Philippine SMS
$0.10 - International SMS (All other Destinations)
Data $0.10 per MB

Prepaid Voice Service Includes:
Call Waiting | Caller ID | Expanded Home Coverage - Guam & CNMI
* Roaming - charges dependent on destination & usage

Other Prepaid Services

Have your own device?

Purchase a "Prepaid Starter Kit" for as low as $19.95!

  • Includes a SIM Card & a $10 Prepaid Card.

Need to Re-Load!

Prepaid Cards are available in the following denominations at many retail outlets island-wide:

  • $20 Prepaid Card
  • $10 Prepaid Card
  • $5 Prepaid Card

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Terms & Conditions Apply. Rates applicable to Local only Mobile Prepaid Services. Exclusive services allows for the capability to access added value services and mobile content, additional charges may apply for purchasing or usage of any such services and content. Rates do not include E911 and Universal Service Fund (USF) charges. E911 will be deducted from your load balance each month. USF charges will be deducted from your load at time of Long Distance usage. Rates subject to change. Fair Use Policy applicable to all rate plans.