Postpaid and Prepaid USF and Our Customers The Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) Charge FAQ's

  • What is the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) charge?

    The Federal Universal Service Fund (USF), is a specially designated federal fund designed to ensure first-class, affordable telecommunications service for all consumers across the country, especially residents in high-cost rural communities and low-income customers. Additionally, the Federal USF provides for discounted telecommunications services for schools, libraries and rural healthcare facilities. All telecommunications providers are required to pay into the Federal USF, and the government allows those providers to pass on these costs to their customers.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC assess fees for the Universal Service Fund?

    Yes, DOCOMO PACIFIC began assessing the Universal Service Fund (USF) surcharge on monthly long distance service. The USF is assessed on all long distance interstate and long distance calls as well as monthly recurring rates. Rates shown on our website do not include the federal USF charges.

    ** Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) are applicable to long distance rates and usage as required by FCC. Providers began recovering the USF based on a percentage of their interstate and international end-user telecommunications revenues. The percentage is based on a contribution factor announced by the FCC and is subject to modification. As of February 01, 2012 the USF Fee will apply to Prepaid services.

  • Will the customer's Prepaid Card Load be deducted for USF Fees?

    Yes, Prepaid Card usage will be charged after each call, and deducted accordingly. The Federal USF charge is part of what we charge for wireless service. We simply collect this fee and forward it to the government fund. The "federal universal service fee" is separate from taxes, state fees, or other mandatory surcharges. It is not a government-imposed fee or tax directly on customers.

  • Will the USF rate change again?

    Yes, the federal government adjusts the amount that companies are required to pay into the Federal USF each quarter. As a result, the amount we recover from customers may be adjusted on a quarterly basis depending on the needs of the Universal Service Fund. However, the rate is not expected to change significantly.

  • Do other telecom providers on Guam and the CNMI pass on USF charges to their customers?

    Yes. All major telecom providers on Guam and the CNMI pass on USF charges to their customers.

  • Non-taxable services under USF

    1. Multimedia Messaging (MMS).
    2. Content.
    3. All Data (Access and Usage).
    4. Contract Commitment.
    5. Only SMS IDD Toll.
    6. Invoice Detail.
    7. Voice Feature.
    8. Roaming Access Fee and Airtime.
    9. Voice IDD Toll.
    10. Internet and Equipment Rental.
    11. Origination Detail Fee.
    12. Service Level Fee (e.g., Platinum, Gold support).