Data Calculator

DOCOMO PACIFIC continues to provide customers with products that make life easier. With the Data calculator, choose the device listed, move the slider in answer to the question to estimate your daily or monthly data usage and decide on the data plan that best fits your needs. Wi-Fi usage does not apply to the data plan.

Which device do you use?


Estimated Monthly Usage


Emails sent/received (no attachments)

Emails with photo attachments

Emails sent/received with attachments

Minutes of Streaming music

Web pages Viewed

Apps/Games/Songs downloaded

Social media posts with photos uploaded

Minutes of streaming video

Data Legend

The following examples provide a general guideline for the amount of data used per service:

  • 1 email (text only) 20 KB

  • 1 email with photo attachment 350 KB

  • 1 email with Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachment 300 KB

  • 1 web page 180 KB

  • 1 minute of streaming music 500 KB

  • 1 minute of streaming video (YouTube™ standard quality) 2 MB

  • 1 App/Game/Song 4 MB

  • Social media download/upload w/photo 500 KB


Visit our Roaming page to view International Data Roaming charges.