When you can't say it: text it. Text Messaging is a short and simple way to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. Simply send messages via your phone or computer to the desired mobile subscriber.

Key Features

  • Text to anyone in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Text via a computer when a mobile phone is unavailable.
  • Text while in class, meetings, or anywhere verbal communication is not possible.
  • Send / Receive


  • $0.04 local (Includes Guam, Saipan, Rota, and Tinian)
  • $0.06 Philippines (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular)
  • $0.10 International and U.S. Mainland

For more information or assistance, please visit any one of our Retail stores or call Customer Care at 671-688-CARE (2273) Guam, 670-483-CARE (2273) Saipan.