Whole Home WiFi FAQs

  • Does Plume replace my router?

    The Plume system can replace your current router but is flexible enough to also work with your existing router setup. You need to connect one of the Plume SuperPods by Ethernet to your DOCOMO PACIFIC modem or router to make it work. If you keep your router, make sure to turn off your old Wi-Fi. If your DOCOMO PACIFIC modem has Wi-Fi, don't forget to call 671688CARE to turn that off as well.

  • What makes Plume different from my traditional Wi-Fi router or extender?

    Single router Wi-Fi systems can give you the speed you need as long as you're close enough to the router. Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters can improve coverage, but are often complicated, unreliable, and degrade performance. Plume is a cloud coordinated Wi-Fi system that replaces your current router and gives you stable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage and speed in every room within your home using blazing fast tri-band SuperPods coupled with auto-channel hop technology.

  • How many pods do I need?

    As a guideline, studio apartments require one SuperPod, 1-2 bedroom apartment or homes require 2 pods, and 3-4 bedroom homes require 3 pods. If your home has more than 4 bedrooms, is larger than normal or has additional areas to cover, we recommend adding additional SuperPods to fit your needs. Additional SuperPods may be purchased later to increase your coverage at any time from any DOCOMO PACIFIC Retail Store.

  • What is the warranty policy?

    Plume Pods purchased from DOCOMO PACIFIC are covered with a one-year warranty excluding liquid and/or physical damage, if one of your pods is deemed defective, please contact 688-CARE or stop by a TechZone location for further assistance. For store locations and hours please visit https://www.docomopacific.com/store-locations

  • What is the range of the Plume SuperPod?

    It's difficult to provide you with exact numbers because of all the variables and configurations inside a home. You can place SuperPods in every other room in your home. It has a range of 30 feet through walls. Our system measures the performance between each pod and creates the best pod-to-pod connections for you after optimization completes.

  • What's the difference between Plume, Wi-Fi routers, Extenders and Mesh?

    Routers have limited coverage. Extenders can often improve the coverage, but they degrade the internet speed.

    Mesh Wi-Fi systems provides relatively higher coverage along without degrading speed. They can replace your router as well.

    Plume Adaptive WiFi™ is a unique mesh Wi-Fi system that uses AI to optimize your Wi-Fi based on your usage to deliver the best speed and coverage.

    Every home is different. Plume monitors your home environment, device types and data requirements to provide each device the right speed and coverage. Plume utilizes multiple wireless channels and pods to do this. Plume's intelligent optimization would allow you to use more devices efficiently simultaneously.

    Additionally, Plume WiFi system comes with a membership which will let you upgrade hardware firmware and use all the new features launched in the future.

  • What will happen to my service during a power outage?

    During a power outage your internet service will also go offline. You will receive a notification from the Whole Home WIFi App advising you the internet service is offline and will receive another notification when power is restored, and services come back online.

  • Will pods work when plugged into a surge protector or extension cord?

    You can plug a pod into a power strip, adapter, extension cord or surge protector. Unlike Power Line Communication (PLC) based devices, data is not transmitted via the AC lines. Plume pods connect to each via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and will still work as long as they continue to receive power from the outlet.

  • What happens when one of the pods loses power or is unplugged?

    If one of the pods happens to lose connection or is unplugged, the system will reconfigure itself or self-heal so you don't lose Wi-Fi connection. Another path will be formed using your other pods to maintain coverage and network health. When the pod is restored, it is automatically placed back into the network, and an optimization will take place.

  • Can I plug a pod outdoors?

    We recommend that you keep your Plume pods inside and away from rain or moisture. If you want to improve Wi-Fi coverage in your outdoor space, we suggest that you place a pod just inside your door or take it outside only when you need it for a get together.

  • What happens if someone steals my pods?

    Please contact us if your pods are lost or stolen. We will deactivate stolen pods and provide you options for replacement.

  • What will happen if I don't renew? Will my pods turn into pretty wall ornaments?

    Your Wi-Fi network will continue to work with static mesh functionality and your pods will continue to receive firmware updates. You will also retain access to basic app features such as Wi-Fi and network settings.

  • How many devices can I connect to Plume?

    Plume Adaptive WiFi™ is designed to spread out device connections throughout the home. While it is not a hard limit, connections of more than 10 devices per Wi-Fi band are not recommended on SuperPods per radio.

  • What is the Plume app for?

    The Plume App walks you through the simple setup process and gives you insight into the health of your home network. It allows you to:

    • Change and share your Wi-Fi name and passwords
    • Manage your network from home or anywhere you have internet access
    • Set your network to auto or router mode
    • View the number of connected devices or people and their data usage
    • View connection status of your pods
    • Add more pods to your network
    • Remove pods from your network

    In addition, the App includes the following features:

    • Dynamic view of your Plume network topology
    • View and manage the devices connected to your network over Wi-Fi
    • Rename your Plume pods with our pod locator function
    • Rename connected devices and assign them people
    • Freeze device internet access
    • Run network speed tests
    • Manage AI Security features for your network and content filtering for people
    • Receive notifications on system updates and newly released product features

    We release updates to the App frequently so check to make sure that you have the latest version of the App.

    Our App is compatible with iPhone 5 and above running iOS 9 and higher and with the most popular Android smartphones running Android 4.4 and higher. You can download the App from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

  • What does the LED light on my pod mean?

    No LED
    When initially plugging in any pod into an outlet, the light should always turn solid for a moment, and then the LED will slowly pulse while it is trying to connect to the cloud. Once connected to our cloud, the LED will then turn off. If there is no light at all when first plugging in the pod, check your outlet with another appliance or device to ensure it has power. If the outlet is okay, there may be something wrong with the pod and you should Contact Support for assistance. Even if this behavior only happens intermittently, you should still contact support.

    Blinking LED on SuperPod (green)
    This could mean either of the following:

    Quick, repeating Double blinks - Pod is waiting for optimization to finish: You will also see "Optimizing your network" message in the app as well. Optimizations usually take a 2-3 minutes, depending on how many pods are connected. Optimizations can be triggered by a change in your environment such as high levels of interference but will also happen overnight and immediately after initial setup.

    Quick Double blinks - Pod is being named by scanning the pod.

    Slow continuous pulse/breathing (dim to bright) - SuperPod (Green) is trying to connect with the cloud and depending on the circumstances could mean the following:

    • This is normal before adding the pod to your account, the slow pulse will continue until the pod is added to the account and establishes a connection to the cloud.
    • The pod has lost connection to the rest of your network, which could be a result of extremely poor signal to other pods, especially if the other pods are still online and you have not received an a lost internet connectivity notification.
    • Internet connectivity is lost. This is supposed to be followed by a "Network is offline" notification. If you can't see all the pods being claimed in your Plume app and if you see the slow LED pulsing on the pod at the same time, the pod is most likely claimed by another household. Contact Technical Support

    Continuous rapid blinking on Pod or PowerPod (white) or SuperPod (red) - there may be an issue with the onboard software. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

    Slow continuous white blinking (PowerPod) or red blinking (SuperPod) - Possible fan failure. Contact Technical Support for assistance.

  • Why are my pods offline?

    If only those pods could talk! There are many possible reasons why one or more of your pods would appear disconnected or offline.

    Entire Plume Network is Offline

    If you have received a Plume alert stating your network is offline, follow these steps to bring it back up.

    • Unplug the modem from power for at least 30 seconds.
    • Unplug the Gateway pod from power and unplug anything connected to it by Ethernet.
    • Plug the Ethernet cables back into Gateway pod and into the modem. Plug the Gateway pod back into power.
    • Plug the modem back into power and wait until the modem is fully restarted and its LEDs indicate there is an internet connection.
    • Wait at least 2 minutes until Gateway pod's LED stops blinking
    • If the Gateway pod's LED continues blinking and does not come back online, please contact support.

    Single or a few Pods are offline

    • The Pod is unplugged or is not receiving any power.
      • Check if the outlet has power by plugging in another Pod or any other appliance to confirm. When pods are first plugged in, the LED should always turn on solid briefly and then start to slowly pulse as it is trying to connect to the cloud. Once connected it will then turn off.
      • If the outlet is switched, make sure no one else is turning it off by accident.
      • If the outlet is okay and the pod's LED does not come on at all when it is first plugged in, this indicates there is likely something wrong with the pod. Please bring in the Pod to any of our TechZone locations or contact Technical Support at 671688CARE
    • The pod is too far away from any other connected pod.
      • When offline, the LED will be slowly pulsing as it tries to connect to the cloud and will continue to do so if it cannot connect.
      • Move the pod closer to another pod or in the same location as a known working pod. The pod should connect, and the LED will turn off.
      • If it is a range issue add another pod to your Plume network.
    • There may be an unusual issue preventing your pod from connecting to the rest of the network. Please contact Technical Support at 671688CARE for assistance.
    • If there is no reason the Pod cannot connect by wireless to another pod, the pod may defective. Please contact Technical Support to confirm and if needed, process a replacement. The replacement is free of charge as long as the pod is still within the warranty period.
  • I lost my internet connection.

    Nobody likes to be without a connection to the internet. Let's find out what's causing the problem.

    • Verify that your device is connected to the Plume WiFi network by going to your device Wi-Fi connection settings.
    • Check to see if you can connect to other sites. Open your device browser and go to any website such as www.docomopacific.com. If you are able to access it, there must be something wrong with the site or app that you were trying to access.
    • If you are unable to visit any website with your device, try to access the internet with another device, your computer or tablet. If you are able to connect other devices to the Wi-Fi network, restart your device and try to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you are still unable to connect your device to the network, contact us for help.
    • If you are unable to connect all devices to the internet via Wi-Fi connection, connect your computer directly to the modem via Ethernet. You may need to reboot your modem. If you are unable to connect to the internet, contact Technical Support at 671688CARE.