• What is WatchTVEverywhere (WTVE)?

    WTVE is a complimentary service included with your cable subscription that makes your TV service available to watch online. Learn more at www.watchtveverywhere.com.

  • How Do I Watch?


    Once registered, you can also go directly to any listed network and log in.

    1. Go to www.watchtveverywhere.com
    2. Click Log In at the top of the menu bar
    3. Enter your email address and password
    4. You may now see what networks are available


    Download the free network app on your favorite device – select Docomo Pacific as your TV provider and login.

  • Where can I use this service?

    It is available anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: inside your house, shopping mall, hotel, airport, etc. You'll get the best quality from a high-speed connection. Reception quality through a mobile carrier network or public Wi-Fi network (airports, stores, etc.) will vary depending on the signal strength.

  • How much does it cost?

    TV Everywhere is a complimentary service included with your cable subscription. If you watch on a mobile phone, data usage charges from your cellular carrier may apply.

  • Do I log in every time?

    You will stay logged in for 90 days on the programmers website and then you will be prompted to log in again. You may need to log in the first time you download any applications. You may choose to log out after each session, but then will need to log in again.

  • Which devices can I use?

    Almost all available programs can be watched on all devices such as tablet, PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Android Phone. Some TV networks have not made their programs available on all devices.

  • How many different devices can I use?

    There is no limit to the number of devices you can use. However, certain TV networks limit the number of active video streams to 3-5 at the same time.

  • What if I forget my password?

    When you log in there is a prompt with a link to reset your password.

  • Is the username and password different my SelfCare "My Docomo Pacific" Account?

    Yes. The username and password for WatchTVEverywhere is not the same as your My Docomo Pacific online billing account. You need to create a different username and password.

  • How is this service different from On Demand?

    While our On Demand offerings complement your viewing experience on your TV, this service is an exciting new way to experience original programming right on your tablet, computer or Smartphone through your high-speed Internet connection.

  • How is it different from something like Hulu or Netflix?

    There is no extra charge to use it. You only need to have a subscription to the network you want to watch. It has full episodes of current-season TV shows, many available the next day after air. Most of the web and mobile content is initially available only to cable subscribers

  • What are the computer system requirements for this service?

    • An Adobe Flash Player with version 10.1 or higher.
    • An Internet connection of 3.0Mbps or greater (for HD content).
    • For Windows: An Intel Pentium 4 3GHz processor (or equivalent) with 128MB RAM/64MB of VRAM.
    • For a Macintosh: An Intel Core Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor, 256MB of RAM/64MB of VRAM.
  • Do I need a specific web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.?)

    You can access this service using the following browsers:

    • For Windows: Internet Explorer 7 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 3 or greater, or Google Chrome 10 or greater
    • For Macintosh: Safari 3 or greater, Mozilla Firefox 3 or greater, or Google Chrome 10 or greater

  • Does it offer parental controls?

    At this time WatchTVEverywhere does not offer parental controls.

  • Does viewing content through WTVE count against my data plan?

    Yes. We recommend checking your data plan before you use WTVE. This service transmits data and counts against your data allotment.