• Do I need a separate Digital cable box for every TV in my home?

    If you want Digital Service for all the TVs, yes you will need a Digital cable box for every TV. However, you can have Digital TV in select rooms of your home and basic cable in the others.

  • Why do I need to be present upon installing my service in my home?

    This is to ensure that services are working correctly; installers need to install the wiring and boxes to your television(s) and verify that you have a clear picture.

  • What is wire guard?

    Wire guard is protection against charges for service calls for Online, TV, Digital TV and Home Phone service calls that are not related to problems with our cable plant. Without wire guard, customers could be charged $75 for a service call.

    This also includes free diagnostics of your PC at our main location. Wire guard costs $4.99.

  • What is a DVR?

    A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder that allows you to record programs and movies you are unable to watch at the scheduled time, and watch them later at your convenience.

  • Do I need to come in to your Customer Service Branches and complete any paperwork?

    No, DOCOMO PACIFIC will work with you right over the phone. No hassles, no sitting in traffic and no long lines.

  • How long will it take for my services to be activated?

    Our normal installation schedule is 48 hours after you place your order. Our 48-hour guarantee is based on an all day time block and if the home is already wired.


    Take one look at HDTV and the difference in quality between high-definition and standard-definition TV is crystal clear. Standard definition broadcast television (NTSC) picture is constructed of 486 visible picture lines. An HDTV broadcast has up to 1080 lines, resulting in six times the picture clarity!

    HDTV permits the transmission of a broader, fuller range of colors that extends beyond anything standard-definition television has ever been capable of, providing you with vivid, rich images. And when it comes to audio, 5.1 surround sound is superior to the stereo audio you get with standard-definition television. HDTV lets you hear every nuance in life-like fullness and takes the audio to a higher level by using an extended frequency response and higher data rate to transmit the 5.1 surround sound, resulting in more natural, life-like sound.

  • Do I need a new TV or is there additional equipment required to get DOCOMO PACIFIC HDTV?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC HDTV is only compatible with newer TV sets designated as HD-ready. An HD-digital set top box (HDVT or HDVR) is required for HD reception.

    Note: Not all digital TVs are HD-capable; make sure your TV is HD-ready before ordering this service.

  • How many HD Set Top Boxes or HD DVRs can I get?

    You are entitled to one (1) HDVT and one (1) HDVR. You may reserve a second HDVT or HDVR for installation at a later date at no installation charge, but you must pay a monthly rental fee for that equipment.

  • How much does it cost if I need a service call for my DOCOMO PACIFIC HD Service?

    Customer Service Representatives, upon installation, will inquire if your TV is HD-capable; if it not, there will be no charge for the truck roll. If the HD equipment has been moved by you, there will be a charge of $49.99 if the cause of the problem is due to the equipment being moved (Note: The $49.99 charge applies even if you have Wire Guard coverage).

  • Do I need special cables to connect my DOCOMO PACIFIC HD Set Top Box to my TV?

    HDMI cables provide better audio and better command and control between the TV and set top or DVR than composite cables. HDMI cables allow special features to be fully utilized and are provided at installation.

  • What do I get with DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    As a DOCOMO PACIFIC Digital customer, you get a library of new release movies right on your TV and ready to watch anytime you want. The latest and greatest Hollywood hit movies starting at $2.99 each and you can watch as often as you want within 24 hours.

  • How do I access DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    Simply go to Channel 999 and you will be directed to the DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand main menu.

  • How much does DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand cost?

    You have access to Karaoke, Music Videos and Kids programming for FREE. The Video On Demand programming prices vary. Over a thousand titles for as low as $2.99. New releases start at $3.99. Disney Movies are $4.99 and Older favorites are just $2.99. Adult programming starts at $9.99. Prices vary for special events, local content and Sports packages.

  • How do I know if there will be a charge?

    You will always receive an order confirmation box before the start any program that carries a fee, asking you to confirm your purchase.

  • Are parental controls available for DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand offers some adult and mature content that may not be suitable for younger viewers. Any parental controls you have set will also work for Video On-Demand.