Internet Data Use FAQs

  • How can I track my data usage?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC provides our online subscribers with a free Data Usage Meter which tracks your monthly data usage. You can check your Data Usage Meter by logging onto your “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account at

    If you do not already have access to your "My DOCOMO PACIFIC" account, you can get your log-in information by stopping by any of our DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations or calling the DOCOMO PACIFIC customer service hotline at (671) 688-CARE (2273) which is open Mon-Sat from 8am-8pm.

  • Does the Data Usage Meter show me my data usage in real time?

    No, most updates are completed within 24 hours of your data use.

  • How far back does the Data Usage Meter show my data consumption?

    Your Data Usage Meter provides the current month's and the two previous month's consumption. So if it is March, you can view March (current month), February and January's (two previous months) consumption amounts.

  • Does the Data Usage Meter track the usage of a calendar month or billing month?

    The Data Usage Meter measures usage in Gigabytes (GB) over a calendar month. Note that your monthly billing period may be different from a calendar month. To find out your billing month schedule, you may refer to your billing statement, stop by any of our DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations, or call the DOCOMO PACIFIC customer service hotline at (671) 688-CARE (2273) which is open Mon-Sat from 8am-8pm.

  • Do all subscribers have access to a Data Usage Meter?

    The Data Usage Meter can only be accessed via your “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account. DOCOMO PACIFIC provides “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account access information to an account's Primary subscriber only, therefore, only the Primary subscriber will have access to the Data Usage Meter.

  • Is a Data Usage Meter available for DOCOMO PACIFIC Business customers?

    No, we do not provide a Data Usage Meter to our Business (commercial) customers.

  • Why does it show my data usage going up on my Data Usage Meter even when I am not actively using the internet?

    Your modem may be sending/receiving data even when you are not actively using your devices. Automatic system updates or cloud-based online file backup systems use data even when a device is not being actively used. Instances like this can add to your usage consumption.

  • I use my online data on multiple devices (i.e. my laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). Does the Data Usage Meter account for the data I use on all my devices or are there separate meters for each device?

    One modem (which provides you with your data) is designated to your account. The Data Usage Meter tracks all the data that modem provides no matter what device it is used on. If you have more than one account (and therefore more than one modem) in your home, the data from each modem is tracked individually and will have separate Data Usage Meters.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC offer a “pay-per-gigabyte” option for online services?

    No, DOCOMO PACIFIC only offers postpaid online service plans. You can review the DOCOMO PACIFIC Online plans by going to the Online tab of this website.