How connected is your business?

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How connected is your business?

It's no secret that we are living in an increasingly connected world - and that this is revolutionizing the way we do business. Whether they are interacting with your business onsite or online, over 95% of customers use digital pathways at some point in their purchasing journey - and hyper-connected customers expect to connect with hyper-connected businesses.

In a world of lightning-fast connectivity, customers are now using their smartphones to do everything from researching your products and services online to connecting with your business via social media from abroad. Your customers expect your business to be more readily available and responsive to their needs - and to provide the seamless, personalized experience they expect across email, mobile, live chat and internet channels.

While most businesses agree that they need to invest in connecting with their customers via multiple channels, less than two thirds of small to medium businesses have their own website and less than 50% are using email and social media to reach their customers. Meanwhile, those businesses who are leveraging the power of connectivity are finding that it's not only improving customer experience, it's also reducing costs, improving productivity and increasing profits.

At DOCOMO PACIFIC, we understand how imperative it is that your business gets connected. That's why we created our simple, affordable and flexible Better Business Solutions. Whether you need to upgrade your business phones and devices or integrate your fixed, mobile and online communications, our dedicated team can help you tailor the convenient and cost-effective solutions to keep you stay connected and responsive to your customer's needs - today and into the future.