Creating digital communities

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Creating digital communities

Government agencies and community service organizations are embracing digital transformation to improve the lives of the people they serve. Harnessing the power of digital technologies, organizations are enhancing their services, increasing operational efficiencies and contributing to the wellbeing of our communities.

Effective data collection and analytics empower governments to translate insights on everything from traffic management to business activity into the development of infrastructure and community programs – creating Smart Communities and transforming the world we live in.

Understanding that over 75% of people prefer to manage most of their interactions with government and service agencies online, forward-thinking leaders are committed to making personalized client experience a priority. Connected customers can access information, update personal records, make necessary appointments and even complete various applications online. With the implementation of AI technologies, customers can get the additional support they need via automated call centers and chatbots.

But going digital can lead to more than just satisfied customers. It can also help governments create actively engaged communities. Citizen-oriented mobile apps connect people to public libraries, community events and recreation activities. Social media platforms can facilitate two-way communication between organizations and the community, and enhance engagement in community-building programs, such as recycling, inter-generational activities and community gardens.

With the vast amount of highly sensitive data now online, all sectors have an obligation to make cyber security and data protection a priority. At DOCOMO PACIFIC, we can help your organization develop the cost-effective, secure digital communications strategy you need so that you can concentrate on what matters most: the communities you serve.