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Business is better with DOCOMO PACIFIC


With the widest 4G LTE network coverage in the Marianas, we connect your business with what matters most: your people. From Guam to Saipan – and everywhere in between – you can rely on us to connect you to the team, customers and partners who rely on you.


We are there for you and your business when you need us. Whether you operate in the enterprise or government sectors, and whatever the size of your business, we tailor the business solutions and dedicated support you need to grow your business into the future.


Our unbeatable network provides fast, reliable connection across the Marianas, giving you quick access to the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it. We are dedicated to making sure that your business connections are always fast, always clear.

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Your business deserves the best.

We are committed to providing the fastest and most reliable network that your business can rely on.

Hafa Adai

Håfa Adai!

Like Tristan, you can Say Hello! and stay connected to your business across the Marianas with our always fast, always clear network ...

How we can help you build a Smart Business

How we can be Better Together

How Connected Is Your Business

How connected is your business?

In a hyper-connected world, your customers expect your business to be more connected and more responsive to their needs.

Why You Need A Smart Business Strategy

Why you need a Smart Business strategy

One crucial component of the digital transformation of your business is a clear, well-defined strategy.

Digital Transformation At Work

Digital transformation at work

Leading-edge technological advances are just the beginning of the radical changes happening in the way that the world works.

Creating Digital Communities

Creating digital communities

Harnessing the power of digital technologies, organizations are enhancing their services, and contributing to the wellbeing of our communities.

Building A Legacy

Building a legacy with
International Distributors, Inc

Successful businesses are built on great partnerships. See how our communications partnership with International Distributors is helping them to build a Smart Business and create a legacy.

Connectivity Grows Mind

Connectivity grows minds

'DOCOMO PACIFIC Wi-Fi on our campus allows me to engage my students with online videos, articles and presentations.

It has also provided an opportunity for them to grow as independent learners through research and interactive digital communication with each other in the classroom.'

Alyssa Fairchild
Educator, Notre Dame High School

Michael Sgro

Reach your business goals & faster

'At Paradise Fitness, we recognize that no two fitness journeys are alike. We customize our programs to meet each one of our client's unique goals.

I get the same personalized services from DOCOMO PACIFIC. From WiFi connectivity and TV entertainment for our clients to total workforce mobility for me and my team, our partners at DOCOMO PACIFIC create tailored solutions to suit my telecommunications needs.'

Michael A. Sgro
Club Manager, Paradise Fitness