Business Cable TV

Business Cable TV
Business Tv

Entertain your customers with Business Cable TV

Entertain and inform your customers, guests and employees with affordable DOCOMO PACIFIC Business Cable TV plans. Whether you require TV services for your waiting areas, private offices, hospitality venues or guest accommodation, you can choose the Business Cable TV package that suits your business needs.

Our Better Business Cable TV packages include over 50 of your favorite channels with real-time access to local and world-wide news, sports, entertainment and family programs. With our digital and HD options, you can also offer your customers premium entertainment channels, pay-per-view or video-on-demand services. Or speak to us about a TiVo package to bring a fully personalized entertainment experience to your customers.

Whether you need basic programming on one TV or a complex multi-channel system for multiple locations, DOCOMO PACIFIC offers your business more options and better value.

Michael Sgro

Reach your business goals & faster

'At Paradise Fitness, we recognize that no two fitness journeys are alike. We customize our programs to meet each one of our client's unique goals.

I get the same personalized services from DOCOMO PACIFIC. From WiFi connectivity and TV entertainment for our clients to total workforce mobility for me and my team, our partners at DOCOMO PACIFIC create tailored solutions to suit my telecommunications needs.'

Michael A. Sgro
Club Manager, Paradise Fitness