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Support FAQs


  • Why Blackberry?

    The incoming (POP3) server is mail.guam.net and the outgoing (SMTP) server is smtp.guam.net.

    BlackBerry is only for businesses? Not anymore! BlackBerry does not discriminate - this versatile smartphone with its various social and media applications, organizational tools and other great features can now be for the student, the up and coming entrepreneur, the business executive, or even the advanced techy.

    Apart from other push email solutions, Blackberry has these advantages:

    • Longer battery life:

      Blackberry consistently lasts longer than other smartphone in its class. RIM places a lot of effort into ensuring that all BlackBerry models maintain exceptional battery longevity.

    • Data Loss Prevention:

      Everything is written to flash ROM on the fly, even your email drafts, so you don't need to make backups like you would with Palm.

    • Security:

      RIM adds a level of encryption that most internet connections do not, allowing it to exceed the typical secure internet connection that any service transmitting sensitive data over the internet uses to protect data.

    • Email Software:

      Enjoy the convenience of automatic, push delivery, and mailbox synchronization with the most popular internet-based email accounts on your BlackBerry smartphone. Send and receive email from up to 10 supported email accounts. Configuration can be done from your BlackBerry smartphone or online on your computer.

  • Where can I get additional information on Blackberry?

    Additional Blackberry information can be found at www.blackberry.com, or by simply calling DOCOMO PACIFIC at +1.671.688.CARE (2273).

  • Will I be able to use my BlackBerry Handset overseas?

    Yes, you are able to roam worldwide with many of our roaming partners. We are continually working on expanding to other roaming destinations. Click HERE for more Roaming details.

  • Does Blackberry Support Bluetooth?

    Yes, all BlackBerry smartphones higher than the 8100 support Bluetooth.

  • What OS (Operating System) does Blackberry use?

    BlackBerry uses either C++ based or Java based operating system developed by Research In Motion (RIM).

  • Does Blackberry have a spell check feature?

    Yes, all BlackBerry smartphones higher than the 8300 have the Spell Check feature. BlackBerry smartphones also include an AutoText feature, which automatically replaces certain text you type with pre-programmed text. The AutoText feature not only corrects commonly misspelled words, but also inserts punctuation and symbols into your message automatically.

  • 1st Step to take if device is having problems?

    1. Remove Battery from device (while device is still powered ON)
    2. Leave Battery out for 30 seconds
    3. Replace Battery and let device boot up (automatic)
  • Where do I find my PIN and IMEI?

    1. Go to Options
    2. Select "Status"


  • Can I access my web mail on my Blackberry?

    Yes. If you are a BlackBerry Internet Service customer, you will be able to access your webmail account. If you use BlackBerry Internet Solution, many online email service providers can be accessed via the BlackBerry Browser.

  • How do I add email addresses?

    From the device:

    1. Click on E-mail Accounts link
    2. Click on the Add e-mail account link
      • Click on the email address you want to delete user@domain.com link
    3. Follow the directions by entering the email address and password
  • How do I delete an email address?

    From the device:

    1. Click on the Setup Internet E-mail Icon
    2. Click on E-mail Accounts link
    3. Click on the email address you want to delete user@domain.com link
    4. Select the Delete link
  • How do I change the default email address on my device?

    If you want to set the default email address on your device follow these directions. Once done this will become the default email when composing new:

    1. Go to Options
    2. Select Advanced Options
    3. Select Default Services
    4. Select Message Service
    5. Under CMIME select the email and a box will drop down listing all your email addresses
    6. Select the email address you want to become default
    7. Save and exit
  • What email accounts can I integrate my Blackberry handheld with?

    BlackBerry provides a wireless extension of your existing email mailbox and integrates with various email accounts using BlackBerry Internet Email Service (BIS).

  • Can I open attachments on my Blackberry?

    Blackberry provides an attachment service that allows you to open and view email attachments on your BlackBerry. Get all the information you need while you're on the go with the ability to open and view email attachments on your BlackBerry device, whether you have integrated your device using BES or BIS.

  • Can Blackberry be used for Macintosh computers?

    The Desktop Manager Software for Windows is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are using your BlackBerry on a MAC you will need to install the Desktop Manger Software for MAC.

  • What is BIS?

    BIS stands for BlackBerry Internet Service. Basically, this is a service from your provider that lets you receive email and access the internet on personal Blackberries. BIS differs from BES, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server, in that BIS retrieves personal email whereas BES retrieves corporate email. Normally, BIS provides push email for up to 10 non-corporate email accounts and some form of internet data service, whether that be a set MB limit, or unlimited.

  • Who needs BIS?

    If you are not working for a company that has their own BES server, you will most likely need to use BIS to access your email and the internet.

  • What is BES?

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server is a wireless email solution designed for businesses with Microsoft® Exchange or Lotus® Domino™ server environments. It includes both desktop software and Enterprise Server software that work together to seamlessly manage the link between the handheld devices and corresponding email accounts.

  • What are the Benefits of BIS over BES?

    Get personal email delivered to your Blackberry

    1. Doesn't require you to set up a BES server.
    2. No BES licensing fees.
    3. The easiest solution for those who don't work for a company with a BES server, or for those who want to use a Blackberry for strictly personal use.
  • What support is available for BES?

    Get personal email delivered to your Blackberry

    1. Monday – Friday: 8am – 9pm
    2. Saturday 9am – 9pm
    3. Sunday 10am – 9pm

APN Settings

DOCOMO PACIFIC continues to find ways to enhance your mobile experience. Enjoy faster speeds by updating your APN settings today. APN (Access Point Name) allows a user's mobile handset to access the internet using the mobile phone network. By changing the APN settings to "internet," the latency period is lessened when browsing the web, allowing faster browsing experience.

How to add new APN settings for "internet" (applicable for android handset and tablet users with a Postpaid Data plan)

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks
  2. Select "Mobile networks" and then Access Point Names
  3. Click "Menu" and then "New APN"
    • Type in the following information:
    • APN: Internet
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 470
    • Authentication type: None
    • APN type: Internet

Mobile Data

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC offer 4G Services?

    Yes. DOCOMO PACIFIC offers 4G HSPA+ & 4G LTE Services that are available for all customers. Customers can quickly send/receive emails, upload videos and content faster on DOCOMO PACIFIC's Network.

  • How can I avail of 4G Services?

    4G HSPA+ & 4G LTE Services are enabled for all DOCOMO PACIFIC postpaid subscribers. However, not all devices support 4G HSPA+ or 4G LTE services.

  • Is there an additional cost for 4G Services?

    No. DOCOMO PACIFIC gives you access to faster internet speeds with all our plans.

  • How much will MAX Premium cost?

    MAX Premium is $49.50 / month in addition to your current (or new) Voice Plan.


  • What is a MiFi Device?

    Using DOCOMO PACIFIC's network, a MiFi device provides internet access wirelessly; connecting up to 10 WiFi capable devices at one time.

  • Can I travel abroad with a MiFi Device?

    No. MiFi devices can only work on Guam at this time.

  • What internet features will I have access to?

    You will be able to browse the web, check e-mails, send and receive instant messages, and stay connected with your favorite social networks.

  • What data speeds are available?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC offers the fastest internet service on island. Depending on your locations, you can experience 4G LTE speeds around the island.

  • Do I need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider to use a MiFi Device?

    No. Your internet data access uses the same network that your data enabled handsets use.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC provide an e-mail address for use with a MiFi Device?

    No. However, you are able to check your existing e-mail address via web access (such as Yahoo! Google, MSN, etc.).

  • Does sending or receiving file attachments affect my usage?

    Yes. Attachment files vary in size and will affect your capacity.

Postpaid and Prepaid USF and Our Customers The Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) Charge FAQ's

  • What is the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) charge?

    The Federal Universal Service Fund (USF), is a specially designated federal fund designed to ensure first-class, affordable telecommunications service for all consumers across the country, especially residents in high-cost rural communities and low-income customers. Additionally, the Federal USF provides for discounted telecommunications services for schools, libraries and rural healthcare facilities. All telecommunications providers are required to pay into the Federal USF, and the government allows those providers to pass on these costs to their customers.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC assess fees for the Universal Service Fund?

    Yes, DOCOMO PACIFIC began assessing the Universal Service Fund (USF) surcharge on monthly long distance service. The USF is assessed on all long distance interstate and long distance calls as well as monthly recurring rates. Rates shown on our website do not include the federal USF charges.

    ** Federal Universal Service Charge (FUSC) are applicable to long distance rates and usage as required by FCC. Providers began recovering the USF based on a percentage of their interstate and international end-user telecommunications revenues. The percentage is based on a contribution factor announced by the FCC and is subject to modification. As of February 01, 2012 the USF Fee will apply to Prepaid services.

  • Will the customer's Prepaid Card Load be deducted for USF Fees?

    Yes, Prepaid Card usage will be charged after each call, and deducted accordingly. The Federal USF charge is part of what we charge for wireless service. We simply collect this fee and forward it to the government fund. The "federal universal service fee" is separate from taxes, state fees, or other mandatory surcharges. It is not a government-imposed fee or tax directly on customers.

  • Will the USF rate change again?

    Yes, the federal government adjusts the amount that companies are required to pay into the Federal USF each quarter. As a result, the amount we recover from customers may be adjusted on a quarterly basis depending on the needs of the Universal Service Fund. However, the rate is not expected to change significantly.

  • Do other telecom providers on Guam and the CNMI pass on USF charges to their customers?

    Yes. All major telecom providers on Guam and the CNMI pass on USF charges to their customers.

  • Non-taxable services under USF

    1. Multimedia Messaging (MMS).
    2. Content.
    3. All Data (Access and Usage).
    4. Contract Commitment.
    5. Only SMS IDD Toll.
    6. Invoice Detail.
    7. Voice Feature.
    8. Roaming Access Fee and Airtime.
    9. Voice IDD Toll.
    10. Internet and Equipment Rental.
    11. Origination Detail Fee.
    12. Service Level Fee (e.g., Platinum, Gold support).

Ringback Tones

  • How do I get activated?

    Call 671-688-CARE on Guam, or 670-483-CARE on Saipan to get activated over the phone, or stop in to any DOCOMO PACIFIC location on Guam or Saipan.

  • Once I activate, how do I get started?

    1. Click HERE to enter the Ringback Tones section.
    2. Browse, listen, and Buy Ringback Tones
    3. Assign your tones to all calls, individual contacts, or groups.
  • Do I need to purchase a new mobile phone to have the Ringback tone service?

    No. This service does not require a special mobile phone handset. Ringback tones will not affect the Ringtones on your mobile phone. Any GSM/WCDMA device will work with the service.

  • How is it Billed?

    • POSTPAID: Ringback Tone subscription fee is billed immediately to your account upon activation. Any Ringback tone purchases will be billed to your account as they are downloaded and will appear on your DOCOMO PACIFIC Invoice.
    • PREPAID: You must maintain a positive balance, as the Ringback Tone subscription fee will be immediately deducted from your balance upon activation. Any Ringback Tone purchases will also be deducted from your balance upon download.
  • How can I preview a Ringback tone before I buy it?

    You can listen to any Ringback tone, free of charge, by selecting the speaker icon next to the tone’s title.

  • Am I charged each time a caller hears one of my tones?

    No, you are only charged at time of Ringback Tone subscription activation and content purchase. Callers can call as many times without any charges for hearing the Ringback Tone.

  • How many Ringback tones can I purchase?

    There is no limit to the amount of Ringback tones you can purchase.

  • Can I buy the same Ringback tone more than once?

    When a Ringback is purchased, it is stored in your account (My Library section). If the tone has a license that expires, you can extend the license uninterruptedly and automatically on expiration by selecting AutoRenew. You will not be charged until the AutoRenew date and will be charged the rate for the tone on that date.

    Alternatively, you can repurchase the tone manually after its license has expired. If the tone does not expire, the system will not allow a repurchase. In either case, if you delete the tone from your account, then you can repurchase it again at any time.

  • What is the priority order for the following settings: Caller ID, Group ID and account default?

    Caller ID has the highest priority. If there is no Ringback tone set up for a specific contact, and the contact is a member of a group, the group Ringback tone will be played. If there is no Ringback tone set up for any groups that the contact is a member of, the default Ringback tone will play.

  • How often can I change my Ringback tone?

    You can change your Ringback tone as often as you like. New Ringback tones can be purchased at any time.

  • How do I set up or modify my Ringback tone assignments?

    You can set up or modify your Ringback tone assignments by selecting Assign in the Ringback tone section or editing contact properties via your Address Book.

  • What is the difference between a Ringback tone and a Ringtone?

    Ringback tones are the tones YOUR CALLER will hear – in place of the standard “ring, ring” sound. Ringtones are the tones YOU will hear when a call is received.

Voice Mail

  • To retrieve your message from your GSM/WCDMA mobile phone:

    a. Dial 777 + Send
    b. Enter Password

  • To retrieve your messages when calling from a landline:

    a. Dial (671) 788–6600
    b. Enter 10 Digit Mobile Number
    c. Enter Password

  • Voice Prompt Main Menu

    I. Enter Password
    1 – Listen to Message
    7 – Delete Message
    (note: when all messages have been deleted you can
    press 5 to recover deleted messages.)
    9 – Save Message
    0 – More Options

    3 – Personal Options
    2 – Change Password
    3 – Change Greeting
    4 – Change Spoken Name
    * - Return to Main Menu


  • What is SMS?

    Short Message Service is a text message service that enables short messages of no more than 140-160 characters in length to be sent and transmitted from a cell phone. SMS was introduced in the GSM system and later supported by all other digital-based mobile communications systems. Unlike paging, but similar to e-mail, short messages are stored and forwarded at SMS centers, which means you can retrieve your messages later if you are not immediately available to receive them.

    SMS messages travel to the cell phone over the system's control channel, which is separate and apart from the voice channel. Some phones may also support what is known as concatenated SMS which allows for larger messages to be sent. Please check with your phone manual if this is supported.

  • How do I send a SMS to a friend from WEB SMS?

    To send a Free SMS from the WEB to a friend in Guam or Saipan please enter in the "Number" field the full 10-digit number. For example: 6711234567 or 6701234567.

  • How do I send an International SMS?

    To send an international SMS use + Country Code instead of 011CountryCode. For Example: +63917000000000 would work where as 01163917000000000 would not.

  • How do I send a local SMS?

    To send a local SMS please use the full 11 digit DOCOMO PACIFIC number. Example: +1670788XXXX (Where X = 0 - 9) This will ensure accurate delivery.

  • Can I use SMS while traveling abroad?

    Yes. SMS Roaming is available. Keep in mind SMS roaming charges do apply.

  • What are the SMS rates?

    SMS are charged per text message sent. SMS rates are: $.04 per local text, $.06 per text to Philippines, $.10 for U.S. and International text messages.

  • How will I know if an SMS Text Message has arrived?

    Most mobile phones have both audible and visual notifications when an SMS has been received. An envelope icon appearing on your screen signifies that you have received an SMS text.

  • If my mobile phone is turned off, will I still receive SMS text messages?

    No. Your phone must be turned on and connected to the network to receive SMS texts.

  • If my phone’s memory is full, will I still receive a SMS text messages?

    Memory capacity varies by make and model of the phone. You will receive a warning that the memory is almost full or already full. When the memory is full, you will have to delete old messages before you can receive new messages.

  • If I am on a call, will I still receive SMS text messages?

    Yes. You can be on an active voice call and SMS messages will still be received.

  • Can I SMS to other network providers on-island?

    Yes. You can send and receive SMS texts from other mobile network providers on island.

  • How long will my SMS texts be stored after I receive them?

    Your SMS text messages will be stored on your mobile phone until you delete them.

  • Is SMS texting available on prepaid?



  • How different is MMS as compared to existing SMS service?

    MMS allows you to combine pictures, audio/video clips, and text in a single message. MMS also allows you to send a message to a mobile phone or an e-mail address. Additionally, MMS allows for more characters than standard SMS.

  • Will I need to change out my phone to MMS?

    If your handset is not MMS and Data capable, yes, you will have to change your mobile phone to a compatible handset.

  • Can I send an MMS to any mobile phone?

    Yes, provided that their handsets are MMS and Data capable.

  • How do I get MMS activated on my phone?

    You will need to subscribe to one of our Data Plan service. MMS is then added as a feature to your Data service.

  • How will I be billed for MMS Roaming?

    As part of our added value of services, MMS is a free service when you subscribe to one of our Data Plans. If you choose not to subscribe to a Data Plan and you utilize MMS, you will be billed at $0.10 per MB for data usage. Additionally, roaming charges do apply if you access MMS while traveling abroad.

  • How do I send an MMS?

    Sending an MMS is easy. Just take a picture or a short video using your camera phone and select Send as MMS or Multimedia. Add some text if you want, then add one more mobile phone numbers or e-mail addresses either directly or from your address book. Press Send, and you’re done.

  • How will I receive MMS?

    When you receive an MMS (picture or video), it will appear in the same inbox as your text messages. Simply open it to view the message.

  • How long does it take to activate the service?

    Provided you have a compatible handset that is data enabled, activation is normally within the same day of request.

  • Can I save MMS attachments?

    Yes, you can save any part of the message that you want to keep.

Video Calling

  • Will I need to change my phone to use Video Calling Service?

    If your handset is NOT 3G capable, YES, you will need to change your mobile phone.

  • Can I place a Video Call to any mobile phone?

    Video Calls can only be placed from one 3G capable phone to another 3G capable phone. Currently, the service is available only within our network.

  • How do I activate Video Calling on my 3G phone?

    Video Calling is a feature enabled on a 3G capable phone. No subscription is necessary.

  • Can I place a Video Call to Docomo Pacific subscribers who are roaming?

    No. Currently, Video Calling is available only within our network.

  • How will I be billed?

    Video Calling is billed on per minute, at $0.40 cents per minute, and will be included into your monthly bill.

  • If I receive a Video Call, can I choose to take it as a voice call only?

    Yes. You have the option to take a Video Call as a Voice Only call.

  • Can a Video Call be saved?

    No. Video Calling is a live video feed and cannot be saved or archived as a file.

  • Am I charged for both Sending and Receiving Video Calls?

    Yes. You are charged $0.40 cents per minute for both sending and receiving calls.

Local Number Portability

  • What is local number portability?

    Local Number Portability is a Federal Government mandate that requires wireless service providers to allow customers with eligible wireless numbers to retain their wireless numbers when changing service providers.

  • How do I know if my current wireless number is eligible for porting?

    Your wireless number must remain in the same local geographic area where it is currently assigned. For Prepaid Wireless porting, ownership must first be authenticated at your current service provider before you can port your number to DOCOMO PACIFIC.

  • Should I cancel my existing service before porting?

    No. Your wireless number must remain active. Canceling your service prior to porting will prevent you from keeping your number. Please note: you will be responsible to your old service provider for any contractual requirements and applicable charges, including early termination fee, on your old account after the porting is completed.

  • Will I need a new phone?

    Depending on your current service provider’s network, you may be able to use your existing phone.

  • How long will it take to port my number?

    Porting your wireless phone will take at least 5 hours on a regular business day provided the port in request is made by 3:30 p.m. Any port in request after 3:30 p.m. will be completed the next business day (9am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday). It may take longer, depending on the complexity of the port and your old service provider.

  • Will DOCOMO PACIFIC charge me for porting my service?

    In accordance with the rules of the Federal Government mandate, telecommunications carriers are allowed to recover the cost of implementing and maintaining LNP service. As a result, beginning June 20, 2006, your account will assess a fee of $0.50 per unit each month. Important note: If you port out from us, DOCOMO PACIFIC will charge a one-time porting fee of $50.00. In addition, you will be responsible for any accrued charges, and any applicable early termination fee if you port out before the end of your minimum term.

  • What happens to calls while the port is being processed?

    During the porting in process, you should be able to make calls right away from your DOCOMO PACIFIC phone but you will not be able to receive calls until porting is complete.

    In addition, during the porting process, your ability to make and receive calls, using your old wireless phone may vary depending on your old service provider. As a result, you may want to consider maintaining access to both your old wireless phone and your new wireless phone until porting is complete. Upon completion of the port, you will no longer have services under that number with your old service provider, and you will be able to make and receive calls using your DOCOMO PACIFIC phone.

  • Will the enhanced features that DOCOMO PACIFIC offers to its customers work after the porting process is complete?

    Yes. Enhanced features offered by DOCOMO PACIFIC will be available upon completion of the porting process.

  • How will I know when the port in to DOCOMO PACIFIC is complete?

    A DOCOMO PACIFIC representative will contact you when the porting process is completed.

  • How do I join DOCOMO PACIFIC?

    Visit any DOCOMO PACIFIC store.

    When porting your number, you will be asked to provide the following:

    • Confirmation that you are authorized on the account with your old service provider.
    • The name of your old service provider
    • A copy of your billing invoice from your old service provider (should have your account number
    • A contact number where you can be reached during the porting process
    • Your Social Security number or, if a business, a tax identification number or other information that will be used to accurately identify you to your old service provider
    • A valid picture I.D.
  • Are all service providers participating in local number portability?

    Yes, all wireless service providers on Guam have been in compliance since May 2006.

Online FAQs

  • What are the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers?

    The incoming (POP3) server is mail.guam.net and the outgoing (SMTP) server is smtp.guam.net.

  • What do I enter for DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses?

    The Primary DNS is

  • Can I check my email from any computer?

    Yes, web-mail services are available through internet browsers at this address: webmail.guam.net.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband filter websites?

    No, but the reverse may not be true. There are some sites that filter addresses allocated to the Asia Pacific Region. If we can get the website affected, we can usually contact the administrators and get them to open up our address space. Contact DOCOMO PACIFIC Technical Support at +1-671-688-CARE (2273).

Excessive Use FAQs

  • What is "excessive online data use"?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC has a monthly threshold (CAP) for download bandwidth consumption of high-speed internet service (DOCOMO PACIFIC Online) for residential users. Exceeding your data consumption threshold is considered “excessive online data use” as per the DOCOMO PACIFIC Acceptable Use Policy. Your monthly threshold is determined by your online service level (plan). The “excessive online data use” threshold for DOCOMO PACIFIC Online service levels are as follows:

    Online Service Online Data Usage Cap
    15.0 Mbps 350 GB
    30.0 Mbps 500 GB
    60.0 Mbps 1 TB

    The threshold includes data in any form (e.g. movies, photos, music, videos, e-mails, computer back-ups, or other types of files) that a customer uses to send/receive over the public internet including data sent by one DOCOMO PACIFIC Online customer to another.

  • Why is this data consumption threshold in place?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC is committed to providing you with the best service experience possible. Guam’s online network runs on a shared network, so every user's experience is potentially affected by their neighbors' data usage. By applying a (very high) monthly consumption threshold, we can help to preserve an exceptional online experience for everyone.

  • What can I measure (compare) my threshold amount against?

    A large majority of our DOCOMO PACIFIC Online customers only use 4-5 GB of data per month. To put data usage into perspective, 250 GB is the equivalent of:

    • Sending 50 million plain text emails;
    • Downloading 62,500 songs (173 days' worth of music);
    • Downloading more than 25,000 high-resolution photos; or
    • Streaming between 100-800 hours of video; the range depends upon whether you're streaming studio-quality video or standard-definition video which has different bit rates depending upon the provider (e.g. Netflix offers three video quality settings which range from up to 0.3 GB per hour for "good quality" to up to 2.3 GB per hour for "best quality").

    Over an entire year, a customer could do the following and not exceed a 1TB threshold:

    • Send more than half a billion plain text emails;
    • Download nearly three quarters of a million songs;
    • Download more than 300,000 high-resolution photos;
    • Stream between 1,200- 9,900 hours of movies and TV shows.
  • What happens if I go over my monthly threshold?

    If you go over your monthly data consumption threshold your account will be charged $0.20 per gigabyte (over the threshold amount).

  • If I do not use all the data of my monthly consumption threshold, can the remaining data amount be carried over into the next month?

    No, we do not offer a data usage rollover option.

  • How can I track my data usage?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC provides our online subscribers with a free Data Usage Meter which tracks your monthly data usage. You can check your Data Usage Meter by logging onto your “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account at docomopacific.com.

    If you do not already have access to your "My DOCOMO PACIFIC" account, you can get your log-in information by stopping by any of our DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations or calling the DOCOMO PACIFIC customer service hotline at (671) 688-CARE (2273) which is open Mon-Sat from 8am-8pm.

  • Does the Data Usage Meter show me my data usage in real time?

    No, most updates are completed within 24 hours of your data use.

  • How far back does the Data Usage Meter show my data consumption?

    Your Data Usage Meter provides the current month's and the two previous month's consumption. So if it is March, you can view March (current month), February and January's (two previous months) consumption amounts.

  • Does the Data Usage Meter track the usage of a calendar month or billing month?

    The Data Usage Meter measures usage in Gigabytes (GB) over a calendar month. Note that your monthly billing period may be different from a calendar month. To find out your billing month schedule, you may refer to your billing statement, stop by any of our DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations, or call the DOCOMO PACIFIC customer service hotline at (671) 688-CARE (2273) which is open Mon-Sat from 8am-8pm.

  • Do all subscribers have access to a Data Usage Meter?

    The Data Usage Meter can only be accessed via your “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account. DOCOMO PACIFIC provides “My DOCOMO PACIFIC” account access information to an account's Primary subscriber only, therefore, only the Primary subscriber will have access to the Data Usage Meter.

  • Is a Data Usage Meter available for DOCOMO PACIFIC Business customers?

    No, we do not provide a Data Usage Meter to our Business (commercial) customers.

  • Why does it show my data usage going up on my Data Usage Meter even when I am not actively using the internet?

    Your modem may be sending/receiving data even when you are not actively using your devices. Automatic system updates or cloud-based online file backup systems use data even when a device is not being actively used. Instances like this can add to your usage consumption.

  • I use my online data on multiple devices (i.e. my laptop, tablet, phone, etc.). Does the Data Usage Meter account for the data I use on all my devices or are there separate meters for each device?

    One modem (which provides you with your data) is designated to your account. The Data Usage Meter tracks all the data that modem provides no matter what device it is used on. If you have more than one account (and therefore more than one modem) in your home, the data from each modem is tracked individually and will have separate Data Usage Meters.

  • I always exceed my consumption threshold amount but I rarely use my online data. Why?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC is committed to assisting our customers and ensuring their account privacy. There are instances where third parties may be using your data without your acknowledgement. If you feel your reported online data usage is unreasonable compared to your (known) use, feel free to by stop by any of the DOCOMO PACIFIC retail locations or call our customer service hotline at (671) 688-CARE (2273) which is open Mon-Sat from 8am-8pm. Our team will do our best to identify the issue, if any.

  • Does DOCOMO PACIFIC offer a “pay-per-gigabyte” option for online services?

    No, DOCOMO PACIFIC only offers postpaid online service plans. You can review the DOCOMO PACIFIC Online plans by going to the Online tab of this website.


  • How does Basic Service work?

    Our Basic TV line-up consists of 55 channels of local info, news, sports, children and educational channels; it's provided direct to your TV via co-axial cable and does not require a set top box on any outlet in your home.

  • What is Digital Service?

    Digital Service features a multitude of networks of family entertainment, an Interactive Program Guide, Parental Controls, and expanded premium channels. Avoid long lines or out-of-stock titles at the video store by ordering Video On Demand Movies from the comfort of your own home!

  • Will I be able to receive Video On Demand with Basic Service?

    No, you need a Digital Box to access Video On Demand.

  • Do I need a separate Digital cable box for every TV in my home?

    If you want Digital Service for all the TVs, yes you will need a Digital cable box for every TV. However, you can have Digital TV in select rooms of your home and basic cable in the others.

  • Why do I need to be present upon installing my service in my home?

    This is to ensure that services are working correctly; installers need to install the wiring and boxes to your television(s) and verify that you have a clear picture.

  • What is wire guard?

    Wire guard is protection against charges for service calls for Online, TV, Digital TV and Home Phone service calls that are not related to problems with our cable plant. Without wire guard, customers could be charged $75 for a service call.

    This also includes free diagnostics of your PC at our main location. Wire guard costs $4.99.

  • What is a DVR?

    A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder that allows you to record programs and movies you are unable to watch at the scheduled time, and watch them later at your convenience.

  • Do I need to come in to your Customer Service Branches and complete any paperwork?

    No, DOCOMO PACIFIC will work with you right over the phone. No hassles, no sitting in traffic and no long lines.

  • How long will it take for my services to be activated?

    Our normal installation schedule is 48 hours after you place your order. Our 48-hour guarantee is based on an all day time block and if the home is already wired.


    Take one look at HDTV and the difference in quality between high-definition and standard-definition TV is crystal clear. Standard definition broadcast television (NTSC) picture is constructed of 486 visible picture lines. An HDTV broadcast has up to 1080 lines, resulting in six times the picture clarity!

    HDTV permits the transmission of a broader, fuller range of colors that extends beyond anything standard-definition television has ever been capable of, providing you with vivid, rich images. And when it comes to audio, 5.1 surround sound is superior to the stereo audio you get with standard-definition television. HDTV lets you hear every nuance in life-like fullness and takes the audio to a higher level by using an extended frequency response and higher data rate to transmit the 5.1 surround sound, resulting in more natural, life-like sound.

  • Do I need a new TV or is there additional equipment required to get DOCOMO PACIFIC HDTV?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC HDTV is only compatible with newer TV sets designated as HD-ready. An HD-digital set top box (HDVT or HDVR) is required for HD reception.

    Note: Not all digital TVs are HD-capable; make sure your TV is HD-ready before ordering this service.

  • How many HD Set Top Boxes or HD DVRs can I get?

    You are entitled to one (1) HDVT and one (1) HDVR. You may reserve a second HDVT or HDVR for installation at a later date at no installation charge, but you must pay a monthly rental fee for that equipment.

  • How much does it cost if I need a service call for my DOCOMO PACIFIC HD Service?

    Customer Service Representatives, upon installation, will inquire if your TV is HD-capable; if it not, there will be no charge for the truck roll. If the HD equipment has been moved by you, there will be a charge of $49.99 if the cause of the problem is due to the equipment being moved (Note: The $49.99 charge applies even if you have Wire Guard coverage).

  • Do I need special cables to connect my DOCOMO PACIFIC HD Set Top Box to my TV?

    HDMI cables provide better audio and better command and control between the TV and set top or DVR than composite cables. HDMI cables allow special features to be fully utilized and are provided at installation.

  • What do I get with DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    As a DOCOMO PACIFIC Digital customer, you get a library of new release movies right on your TV and ready to watch anytime you want. The latest and greatest Hollywood hit movies starting at $2.99 each and you can watch as often as you want within 24 hours.

  • How do I access DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    Simply go to Channel 999 and you will be directed to the DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand main menu.

  • How much does DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand cost?

    You have access to Karaoke, Music Videos and Kids programming for FREE. The Video On Demand programming prices vary. Over a thousand titles for as low as $2.99. New releases start at $3.99. Disney Movies are $4.99 and Older favorites are just $2.99. Adult programming starts at $9.99. Prices vary for special events, local content and Sports packages.

  • How do I know if there will be a charge?

    You will always receive an order confirmation box before the start any program that carries a fee, asking you to confirm your purchase.

  • Are parental controls available for DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand offers some adult and mature content that may not be suitable for younger viewers. Any parental controls you have set will also work for Video On-Demand.


  • What is Video On-Demand?

    If you have DOCOMO PACIFIC Digital Cable, you have DOCOMO PACIFIC Video On-Demand! DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Video On-Demand is an exciting new way for you to enjoy hundreds of shows and movies whenever you want - with no set schedules. You get instant access to kids programming, music, sports, movies and more. You can also play, pause, rewind and fast-forward any show from the Video On-Demand menu, without a VCR or DVD player, using nothing more than your cable remote control.

  • What do I get with Video On-Demand?

    As a DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Digital customer, you get a library of new release movies right on your TV and ready to start anytime you want. The latest and biggest Hollywood hit movies starting at $3.99 each and you can watch as often as you want within 24 hours.

  • How do I access Video On-Demand?

    Simply go to Channel 999 and you will be directed to the DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Video On-Demand main menu.

  • How much does Video On-Demand cost?

    You have access to Karaoke, Music Videos and Kids programming for FREE. The Video On Demand programming prices vary. Over a thousand titles for as low as $2.99. New releases start at $3.99. Disney Movies are $4.99 and Older favorites are just $2.99. Adult programming starts at $12.99. Prices vary for special events, local content and Sports packages.

  • How do I know if there will be a charge?

    You will always receive an order confirmation box before the start any program that carries a fee, asking you to confirm your purchase.

  • How will I be billed for any Video On-Demand programs that do carry a fee?

    If you buy any Video On-Demand programming, those purchases will be conveniently added to your monthly bill and any program titles will be listed for your reference.

  • What is the difference between Video On-Demand and regular On Demand?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Video On-Demand offers you the flexibility and convenience of watching movies and shows that start any time you want. You also get the ability to pause, rewind and fast-forward Video On-Demand programs using nothing more than your remote. Additionally, any Video On-Demand program you rent is yours to watch as often as you want within 24 hours.

    Traditional On Demand requires you to tune in to a particular channel at a particular time and does not allow pause, rewind or fast-forward capabilities. DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband On Demand still offers you access to great movies on a set schedule as well as live events like boxing and wrestling.

  • Can I get Video On-Demand from a Satellite provider?

    Only Digital Cable has the technology to offer true Video On-Demand with selections that include movies, music, sports cable favorites and more with new shows added weekly.

  • How often are new shows added to Video On-Demand?

    New shows are added weekly, so check back to the menu often to see what's new.

  • Can I stop my movie or show and go back to it later?

    Yes! If you stop your show and want to come back to it later it will automatically be saved in the "Saved Programs" folder on the main Video On-Demand menu. You can restart or resume your movie anytime within 24 hours at no additional charge.

  • How do I go to the previous Video On-Demand screen?

    Simply press the "Last" button on your remote to go to the previous screen.

  • How do I pause, rewind and fast-forward Video On-Demand programs?

    Simply use the arrow keys on your remote to pause, rewind or fast-forward your Video On-Demand programs. You can also use the play, pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons, depending on your remote.

  • Are parental controls available for Video On-Demand?

    DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Video On-Demand offers some adult and mature content that may not be suitable for younger viewers. Any parental controls you have set will also work for Video On-Demand. Learn to set-up parental controls.

  • What if my Video On-Demand doesn't work?

    Please call DOCOMO PACIFIC Broadband Customer Service at +1-671-688-CARE (2273) for assistance.

  • How will a disruption to my Video On-Demand service affect the rest of my cable service?

    It won't. You will be able to enjoy the rest of your cable channels without interruption.

Phone FAQs

  • What is Line Number Portability (LNP)?

    LNP is an FCC mandate that requires landline number providers such as GTA to allow customers with landline phone numbers to retain their phone numbers when changing service providers.

  • How do I sign-up for LNP with DOCOMO Pacific?

    You can visit us or call our call center during our hours of operation at 688-CARE. A copy of your current GTA bill and a picture ID of the GTA subscriber is required by GTA in order to keep your local number. If you are authorizing a friend/relative to port your number on your behalf, you must provide them with a copy of your current GTA bill, and a copy of your picture ID, and you must also sign an Agent Authorization that is provided by Docomo Pacific.

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