Enjoy Endless Possibilities with ROCKIN' FAST Online Speeds up to 60 Mbps!

DOCOMO PACIFIC Online allows you to do more in less time. Seamlessly stream your favorite movies, download files quickly, game on a whole new level, and so much more.

Our Online subscribers may also access the internet at designated WiFi areas throughout Guam with our new DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi service. The WiFi service is exclusive to our Online customers and is available to them for FREE! For more information about our WiFi service go to the DOCOMO PACIFIC WiFi page.

Rockin' Fast Online Speeds

Online 15.0 Online 30.0 Online 60.0
+2 WiFi Logins +3 WiFi Logins +4 WiFi Logins
$70/month $95/month $120/month

Online service plans include:

  • 3 Email Addresses
  • 5MB/10MB Personal Webspace
  • Email Virus Scanning
  • Spam Filter Scanning
  • 24/7 Technical Phone Support
  • Tech Zone access (Century Plaza)

Note: Logins are the number of devices you can register.

Service rates & features listed apply to local only services. DOCOMO PACIFIC reserves the right to change download capacities or impose download caps as needed to ensure the highest quality of service for all customers. Online services are subject to "Acceptable Use Policy". Advertised speeds are "up to" speeds. Data cap per Online service are as follows: Online 15.0 = 350GB/month; Online 30.0 = 500GB/month; Online 60.0 = 1TB/month. Online excess data charged at $0.20/GB. WiFi data cap by Online speed as follows: Online 15.0 = 15GB/month; Online 30.0 = 20GB/month; Online 60.0 = 25GB/month. Rates are subject to change. Offer valid for residential customers. Some conditions apply.