Online Bill Payment

Electronic Bill Payment Terms and Conditions

By using Docomo Pacific’s Electronic Bill Pay, user understands and hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions.

On-Line Bill Payment Services

Electronic Bill Pay allows DOCOMO PACIFIC customers to access information and initiates payment transactions to their DOCOMO PACIFIC account(s); such services include but are not limited to the following:

  • View Account information.
  • View current Account Balance
  • View Unbilled Usage
  • Monthly Data Bucket Usage/ Consumption
  • Payment of Account(s)

By directing DOCOMO PACIFIC to initiate a payment, you authorize DOCOMO PACIFIC or its agent, to withdraw from the designated account the amount of funds required to complete the assigned transaction. As such, all correspondence initiated via Electronic Bill Pay shall command the legal authority of a written request.

  • The User is responsible for making online payments to accommodate posting times; the user is still responsible for Finance Charges should the online payment post after the Invoice due date of each month.
  • Payments made Online are posted immediately and are reflected to your current balance.

DOCOMO PACIFIC will make commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill only those Account requests actually received via Electronic Bill Pay. DOCOMO PACIFIC will not be held accountable for any loss resulting from the delay or failure to transmit a transaction via Electronic Bill Pay arising from user error, malfunction of equipment, natural impediments, and/or inaccurate or incomplete information.

As a user of Electronic Bill Pay, you understand and agree that, to the extent authorized by the laws of the Territory of Guam, you will indemnify and hold DOCOMO PACIFIC, its officers, agents, and employees harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, liabilities and costs which directly or indirectly result from, or arise in connection with, any negligent act or omission of its agents, or employees, pertaining to its activities and obligations under this Agreement.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Additional fees may apply. For more information contact Customer CARE at 671-688-CARE (2273) Guam, 670-483-CARE (2273) Saipan.

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