Pass A Load

Transfer load credits to your family, friends and/or colleague's Prepaid mobile phone.

PASS-A-LOAD is DOCOMO PACIFIC's load sharing service wherein Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers could send load credits to another DOCOMO PACIFIC Prepaid subscriber. Subscribers can send load credits as low as (USD) $2.00 and a maximum of (USD) $20.00 per transaction (a maximum of 2 transactions within 24 hours is allowed).


This value added service is FREE for all DOCOMO PACIFIC subscribers.

Load Credit Pricing

You can send load credits in the following amounts: $2, $5, $10 and $20

* Only 2 Transactions within a 24 hour period is allowed.

Option 1

Sending load credits between DOCOMO PACIFIC Prepaid mobile phones.

Option 2

Sending FULL amount of Prepaid card between Postpaid / Prepaid DOCOMO PACIFIC mobile phones to a DOCOMO PACIFIC Prepaid mobile phone.

  • DIAL: * 113 * Prepaid Card PIN (12 digits) * Recipient's Area Code + Mobile Number # SEND
    Example (Guam): * 113 * XXXXXXXXXXXX * 671XXXXXXX # SEND
    Example (Saipan): * 113 * XXXXXXXXXXXX * 670XXXXXXX # SEND
  • SENDER: Will receive SMS confirming send load. "Prepaid card added successfully to 671XXXXXXX (or 670XXXXXXX)."
  • RECEIVER: Will receive SMS confirming received load. "Your account has been remotely recharged. Your new balance is $XX and your account will expire on XX/XX/XX."

* Expiration Date is extended another 30 days from time of transaction.


For more information, please visit any one of our Retail stores or call Customer Care at 671-688-CARE (2273) Guam, 670-483-CARE (2273) Saipan.