Smart Pinoy

Introducing SMART PINOY! Guam & CNMI's first Multiline service in one SIM card, powered by DOCOMO PACIFIC. Enjoy calls, SMS, data and other services from your friends and family in Guam, CNMI and the Philippines anytime, for any reason!

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Enjoy Unlimited Long Distance calls to your family and friends in the Philippines using the USAP Card.

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Transfer load credits to your family, friends and / or colleague's Prepaid mobile phone.

PASS-A-LOAD is DOCOMO PACIFIC's load sharing service wherein Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers could send load credits to another DOCOMO PACIFIC Prepaid subscriber. Subscribers can send load credits as low as (USD) $2.00 and a maximum of (USD) $20.00 per transaction (a maximum of 2 transactions within 24 hours is allowed).

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Send the gift of airtime to your loved ones using DOCOMO PACIFIC’s international top up service, Send-A-Load.

This service enables Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers with the means to send loads to their family and friends in the Philippines.

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Ringback Tones

Ringback Tones allow you to entertain your callers while they wait for you to answer their call. Instead of the old "ring ring," your callers hear a personalized song or audio clip.

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Voice Mail

DOCOMO PACIFIC's Voicemail service offers simple solutions to ensure a call or message is never missed.

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When you can't say it: text it. Text Messaging is a short and simple way to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. Simply send messages via your phone or computer to the desired mobile subscriber.

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Ensure your family and friends never miss a moment. Send video, images, tones, and voice notes to friends and family via Multimedia Messaging.

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Video Calling

DOCOMO PACIFIC's MAX 3.5G network allows you to stream live video to your friends and family.

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Local Number Portability

Local Number Portability, or "LNP", is a government mandate that requires wireless service providers to allow customers to retain their phone numbers when switching providers. In short, you can take your number with you.

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Coverage Maps

This coverage map is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee wireless service availability at all times. Services within coverage areas can be affected by several factors including weather, traffic volume and other conditions.

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Data Calculator

DOCOMO PACIFIC continues to provide customers with products that make life easier. With the Data calculator, choose the device listed, move the slider in answer to the question to estimate your daily or monthly data usage and decide on the data plan that best fits your needs. WiFi usage does not apply to the data plan.

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Be Smart, Drive Safe

DOCOMO PACIFIC would like to remind our customers that under Guam law (PL 31-194), the use of mobile phones for reading, writing, talking, sending electronic messages, or even holding a mobile device while operating a motor vehicle is illegal.

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